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Testimonials By ImageEvent Users

"Geez, you guys are quick and on the ball. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated."

"This is payment for another year with ImageEvent. You have excellent service. Thank you!"

"Wow your customer service is amazing!! The best ! thanks for such a quick response and your determination for the best picture an video sharing site on the net. I have tried about 5 online sharing services for my family photos and videos and yours is by far the best!"

"Great Site!! I've checked out and tried dozens, and no one else compares. Thanks for your creativity and selectability. Fantastic set-up folks!"

"I tried it (video clip uploading) and it works great! Thank you! You really are the ultimate image storing service!"

"I received my order today. Thank you very much! I'm very happy with the quality. Looks great. Also, I wanted to tell you what a great site you have. I love all the options on viewing the photo albums and the ease of downloading the pictures. Great site."

"I'm very pleased with your site, and I think that it is very easy to use. I feel it is important to tell you that one reason I chose your site over P**** and P****.*** is that when browsing the galleries of the other sites, many of the gallery images border on being pornographic. When browsing galleries on your site, I saw none of that. It seems to be much more family oriented. I want to be able to tell people to visit imageevent, and not worry about being embarressed by what they see. I think this is no accident on your part, and I hope you will maintain your standards. "

"You guys sure are doing a fantastic job on my number one favorite website!! Love all the new changes you've made. Keep up the GREAT work."

"Thanks for making your service the best available. I am looking forward to the next new option, of placing the albums inside my website. Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you for your service. For the most part, I find that ImageEvent is easy to use and I get compliments and questions about the service all the time. Since I don't mess with a website, it's an easy way to show off my growing talent at photography. I'm very happy with it, and will renew my subscription when the time comes. Just wanted you to know!"

"Thank you so much for your prompt service!!! I love your site, has so many beautiful templates to display my photos. Thanks!!!

"Excellent site. I am impressed with the ease of navigation, features, and response time. Nixxxxxx and Koxxx should learn from you, guys. Thank you."

"I love your website! It has been so wonderful to post my pictures and share them with friends and family everywhere. I never did put my wedding pictures in a real photo album because I have them all online... Thanks for the great service!"

"ImageEvent!! You just keep getting better and better and easier to use!! I am SO GLAD I chose you a couple years ago...you set the standard for online album use!!"

"I want you to know that I reviewed/trialed many photo sharing sites before selecting ImageEvent. So far I am very pleased with its features and support. It is definitely worth the cost."

"Wow !!! Your customer service rocks! Thanks for the quick reply."

"ImageEvent is the BEST picture hosting site I've ever used and I tell everyone who will listen and even those who won't. Thanks again for a great site.....it works every time and is beyond EASY to use."

"I am pleased to recommend ImageEvent for the terrific work they did, during my initial membership trials and tribulations. As a WebTv (MSNTV) user, it's not always easy to get around new sites, but I found ImageEvent very friendly to WebTv. While some of the ordering process won't work for me, ImageEvent worked out a system so I could order prints. All other aspects of the site work well for me. I have belonged to 4 other album sites and this is the best. I also like the way improvements are made almost on a weekly basis at this site. That never happened in the other sites."

"I ordered prints on a few of my photos to check the print quality, and they came today. Absolutely amazing. Better then 35mm prints."

"I am completely thrilled and happy with the upgrade. Thank you for implementing my request. It is my intention to be a lifetime customer of ImageEvent.com. Everyone I invite to visit our online Family Photo Album is completely amazed at the concept and it's results. Thanks again."

"Every time I visit there seems to be an improvement in an already excellent site. I have been a satisfied customer from the very first day which was a year and a half ago. Your quality, speed, ease of use can't be matched. Keep up the good work, and thanks for your very successful pursuit of excellence.

It is rare that you find a vendor that not only exceeds one's expectations but does it on a regular basis. I couldn't be more pleased with your service. Thank you again, it is so nice to contact a vendor to compliment them on the great service instead of having to get them to perform to the lowest acceptable level."

"Just one more note to say how impressed I am with your customer service. Looks like I came to the right place!"

"Congratulations to your website! You are picking up where Zxxx.com left me stranded one and a half year ago. And I cannot stand Oxxxo where I was forced to go after Zxxx closed down. So thanks for designing an easy to use place to share pictures and albums."

"You folks have the best photo posting site I've seen. Thanks for offering it."

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I've been with the ImageEvent program. It's so easy to use and seems to be working well for me! Thank you! "

"You have an awesome image sharing site. I searched the internet for a good site to share my photos and this site was by far the best. Keep up the good work!"

"Recently I took some digital pictures of an event. I tried tp put them up on the Internet using one of the free photo websitte such as Oxxxo, Hx xxxxx and Sxxxxxxh. I said why worry about your fee website, when there are so many free photo website. After trying the three free sites metioned above, I came to the conclusion that ImageEvent is head and shoulder above and worth the fee for any serious user of web photo site. ImageEvent provides facilities that make it easy to upload the pictures and more than anything else, very easy to advise a large number of people in a user's e-mail list about how to access the digital photos. The other sites do not give much credit to a user's intelligence. They try to make their sites easy to use for very novice and unsophisiticated user. but, in that process, they loose the -power- that an ImageEvent user has."

"I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am since signing up only 3 days ago! I use your site as an online portfolio to send all my potential clients to. I design and build custom cabinets and your site is AWESOME for showcasing my work. It loads super fast,clients go right to my site and get to leave comments. I am so happy I found you and am refering you to all my friends. Keep up the awesome work!!!"

"By the way you are superior to any other similar site and I have tried MANY!!!"

"WOW, Guys i just wanted to tell you how much i love this site and being a member here for almost a week now. First, i think that who ever thought of everything, the design issues, the exellent bandwith, the personalize features, the exellent layout and everything else that is great about this place is simply a genious. This site is the best on the web. Once i am done with editing my albums, i will send the link out to about 30 people and i am sure you guys will get some new customers. I will be your free promoter as long as you're in business just because you guys added a totally new meaning to my digial photography experience. Huge Thanks,"

"Thank you SOOO much for the speedy reply and for fixing my problem. You guys are GREAT!! "

"I really enjoy using your Gallery. Before I was on Photopoint but they are down and haven't the same possibilities you've got."

"I think your program is great!"

"Hi, I'm one of your customers. I'm also a serious photographer. I post many of my images and make them available to professional photographers for critique. Over the past few years, I have used any number of image storage providers to host my images with generally poor results. The last one (I'm sure you know who) went out of business and kept my money. Nevertheless, I'm writing you for one purpose. That's to tell you that you operate one of the finest image hosting services I have ever seen. The user options, slick interface, and wonderful uploading process are the finest out there. I also love the counter feature. Assuming your service levels remain as they are, you can count on my business for a very long time. I spend considerable time in pro photography forums and have, on several occasions, recommended your service. Once these people discover your superior and reasonably priced product, they'll sign-up quickly. "

"I think that your service is truly exceptional. You have a top quality service! Keep up the good work!"

"I used to store my photos at Photopoint & as you know, they disappeared. Now I am glad they did because I like your service so much better. All of my customers say that the photos look much better, load faster & that the site has a very good quality appearance. Thank you!"

"Thanks for answering my questions. You've been a good sport and this is a killer website. I'm more in contact with my family member's than I've ever been. And I have 18 email addresses (and growing) adding our family's memories everyday. Who knows what this could grow into? I only just started this project and already I've seen my Great-great grandpa for the first time, ever. He was deceased before I was ever born."

"This site is just too wonderful I cant believe you guys get back to me so quickly...I was just uploading 2 pictures and WHAM that was it...would you all be ready to get slammed with thousands of ebayers wanting to use your site? I hesitate to put it up because of the huge volume of folks looking for such a wonderful place to upload...I cant believe I found this"

"I'm glad that Photo Point is gone, this is much easier to use and more user friendly.

Thank you photo point for leaving all your customers stranded, I would never have found ImageEvent"

"You've got a very promising service going here. Nice job! The feature you provide that I find most appealing for a very old family photo album project I have in mind is the ability for guests to add comments to photos."

"You guys exceeded my expectations:
a) You got my images up FAST
b) You're returning my CD free of shipping to me!
c) You followed through to let me know about the above. :)
I will tell all my friends and family about ImageEvent.com. Perhaps I can get you more business! Thanks so much."

"I appreciate it--your photo album service is the best! I tried others--and found yours is the very best. Thank you....I will always recommend your service to my friends, too."

"Wow! Help comes to ME before I come to IT. Great service!"

"Am I the ONLY person you support, by the way? You're incredibly prompt."

"Again, thanks! So far ImageEvent is working out great."

"Hello there! I'd like to commend you on this excellent and easy-to-use site. Due to personal time constraints, I have been postponing the development of my own photo website with my family photos, but creating an album on your site only took 10 minutes from start to finish (that includes setting up an account). I always like to support web-based businesses that provide high-quality, easy-to-use, and consistent service. Keep up the great work! "

"Thanks a lot for helping me with this. I just did it the other way you told me about below & it looks great! I get sooo many compliments about your ImageEvent site. Really glad my friend let me know about it."

"It's wonderful site! Mutch better than clubphoto.com, flipalbum.com and other sites. May be I can buy or free download this software for use in my PC at home? Thank for greate site! "

"I just signed up and love service
Fantastic! Thanks so much!!
Thank you very much for being so accommodating.
I just saw the updated email feature and LOVE it. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
Thank you...you have a great service..superior to all I've tried! "

"I've been very impressed with your service to date. I have also enjoyed the terrific level of customer service with which I've been provided since I began my account with you "

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