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Superior ImageEvent Service!

Here at ImageEvent, our goal is to be the premiere online photo imaging service. We have combined the power of technology with user-friendly layouts to provide professional online albums at an affordable price. Our unique dedication to quality and security separates us from competition.

At ImageEvent our highest priority is quality. We are proud to offer the best in quality of service, technology and customer care. Our experienced staff is dedicated to constantly upgrading our capacity and features, as well as to offering excellent and prompt customer service.

Our customers can feel safe in having their images online with ImageEvent. All images are stored reliably and securely in two separate locations using the highest raid mirroring for redundancy. Full backups are performed monthly and are kept in a separate secure location to ensure fault tolerance and redundancy. In addition, our web servers are monitored for speed efficiency and quality.

ImageEvent is here to stay. We are a solid profitable company that does not spend large amount of money in advertising and marketing, but instead focuses on technology and customer support. We will continue to work hard for you.

ImageEvent welcomes all comments and suggestions.

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