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 3bF Rat Terriers and Photography 
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1. Margo  (July 11, 2022)
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Mae Mae
2. Mae Mae  (July 11, 2022)
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3. Pebbles 
Chocolate and white
Out of Rubee and Lariat
Pll clear, PRA carrier full tail

Pebbles is my main agility dog.
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4. Tahtah  
Blk tan white

Sire: 3bF be Like that aka Caesar
Dam: 3bF MiraMira Hoosda Naughtiest
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5. Fillyss  (May 22, 2020)
Gr Ch 3bF Hoo Brought the Babe? Aka Fillyss, Filly

Sire: Warren Mtn Rebel Just 4 Kicks aka Ollie
Dam: 3bF It’s Going Down aka Timbre

Pll carrier
Pra carrier
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6. Audrey   (May 22, 2020)
Ch 3bF It wasn’t Me aka Audrey

Sire:3bF Something Just like this aka Ralphie
Dam:3bf Awesome Sauce aka Andi

Pll clear
Pra clear
Natural bob tail
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Our co-owned females
7. Our co-owned females  
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Retired dogs
8. Retired dogs  (September 6, 2017)
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