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ALOHA and WELCOME to JOM Jewel Island, featuring members from the Jewelry Ring. Visit their shop(s) and or Blog to learn more about each person and to check out their amazing vintage Jewelry.

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Delores Benedict and her late husband, Bill
(Click on picture to read entire Intro)

My Name is Delores and I live in Pompano Beach, Florida.  I was born in Springfield, Illinois and am a Midwesterner by  Heart.  14 Years ago, my husband Bill and I started antique collectible flea market shows at our church.  At first I did not sell anything, then Beanie Babies. I noticed that what was selling was jewelry and I do love jewelry! My first buys to sell were really bad, in fact they are probably laying around here somewhere.

Through JR, I started to learn about vintage costume jewelry. JR is full of wonderful people always willing to help.  Well, 20 pieces to start and thousands later, I am addicted. Our shop closed 3 years ago but I continue to sell on eBay, Etsy, Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza and I have my own site www.Bitzofglitz.com
Bill passed away 2 years ago. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. The terrific people on JR sent me such wonder...

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Norma Adams and her beautiful family (Click on Picture to read entire Intro)

I bought my first piece of vintage jewelery from a street vendor while running from the dorm to class when I was in college - it was a bohemian garnet brooch. I paid $5.00 for it, and I was SO disappointed when no one else liked it since it left a big hole in my allowance. Later my husband and I began practicing law as partners, and I had an opportunity to work with a lot of estates. The story around town was, "She'll buy anything that sparkles." At that time, there were few people who valued vintage costume jewelry. Through the years, I bought boxes of it - many of which I stored just like that. We had four children and little time for hobbies, so I did not get to the boxes for many years. My husband became ill in 2005 and died in 2009. During and since that time my hobby has been a treasure hunt, and I have met some of the nicest people - collectors and sellers of vintage jewelry. They ar...

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Dinah Taylor and Harry
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My name is Dinah and I live in NY State between Buffalo and Rochester.  I have a small farm and barn for my 12 yr. old Canadian/TBX Harry, who I train, and compete in Dressage.  I have a NC Ditch Dog named Tutti who is 4, who loves to wear my jewels.  

I am a metalsmith and have a studio where I create wearable art using Silver, Copper, Brass and unusual gems and beads, currently working on Anitclast methods for earrings, and cuffs.  I have been an equine management specialist for 25 years, which means I work for people who need assistance in nutrition and training for their horses, organization in their barns, and also design and make custom turnout clothes and special dress sheets for horses, along with washing and repairing horse blankets for about 36 clients.  I am a proofreader and editor for a national educational organization for the National PASS Units and Tests for migr...

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Lilly Vittetow, Mark & Joie
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My name is Lilly, short for Lillian and we live in Northern IL.  I've been married to a great and interesting guy, Mark, since Sept. 1991. Yep, 19 years and never a dull moment!  I have 2 stepsons who were great forms of birth control as little boys; Zach 25 living in PA and in the Navy since he was 18 and Luke 23 who is here in IL and is a mechanic for private airplanes.  We have a wonderful daughter, Joie who was born hearing impaired in March of 1999. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a credit (commercial) manager.  Our family quality time requires a lot of time in the woods enjoying nature. Jeepin' is about as addicting as Vintage Jewelry. Hubby has a shop, OverKill Off Road, and builds Jeep stuff for people that really use their Jeeps! We have 7 different Jeeps currently, 3 run.
When we decided to try for our girl, I had to quit working due to pre-existing insurance...