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Pointer Litters
Date(s): December 16, 2009. 1 - 14 of 14 Total. Shared
Ch. Willowbay Alydar Walkin In Memphis
1. Ch. Willowbay Alydar Walkin In Memphis 
Puppies available in Ohio.
Dam: Ch. Willowbay Alydar Walkin In Memphis
Sire: Ch. Oncore Bar The Door
Breeders: Dr. Patty Haines, Peggy Lee Davis, Amy Walker and Rachael Murphy
Contact Dr. Patty Haines at ofkpointer@aol.com
or Peggy Davis at mykynadog@aol.com
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Ch. Fieldstone Destiny's Child
2. Ch. Fieldstone Destiny's Child  (11/29/09)
Whelped 11/29/09
Dam: Ch. Fieldstone Destiny's Child
Sire: BISWeeps Ch. Alydar All For Love
3 org/wht girls, 1 blk/wht girl, 1 org/wht boy
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Ch. Willowbay Alydar Kentucky Rain
3. Ch. Willowbay Alydar Kentucky Rain   (11/23/09)
Whelped 11/23/09, The "Thankful" Litter
Dam: National BIFuturity Ch. Willowbay Alydar Kentucky Rain
Sire: National BOS Ch. Alydar American Made
2 blk/wht boys, 2 blk/wht girls
Breeders: Megan Lane, Jane Johnston, John Kearney, Amy Walker, Rachael Murphy

Edgehill's Thankful Gameshow Star "Vanna": owned by CC Silver
Edgehill On Target Thanks Nowwithem "Becky" owned by Jill Koch
Ringo: Edgehill Thankful I'm The One, owned by by Edgehill
Storm Edgehill Thankful For The Finishline owned by Laurie Palmer and Edgehill

Please contact Megan Lane at megjlane@gmail.com for information on this litter.
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Ch. Alydar Love American Style Litters
4. Ch. Alydar Love American Style Litters 
Whelped 7/25/09
Co-bred with Paul Reilly, Beth Kirven (Malmason), Abbie Hanson (Illusion Brittanys),
loved and raised by Donna Grant
Please contact Donna at dgsilverdollar@aol.com if interested in this litter.
Sire Ch. Malmason Alydar Jet Ranger JH
Dam Ch. Alydar Love American Style
5 boys
3 girls

Whelped 12/08
Co-bred with Helen Goldberg, MD Amazona Kennel
Sire BIS Ch. Coralwood's Bronx Bomber

One LV/W girl, one bl/w girl
Zola,bl/w,   Amazona Alydar Gorgonzola
Lv/w available to loving companion home
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Ch. Alydar American Beauty Litters
5. Ch. Alydar American Beauty Litters 
Whelped 12/24/08, 4 blk/wht boys, 2 blk/wht girls
Sire: MBIS/BISS 2005 #1 Pointer Ch. Alydar Day Tripper
Please contact Ryan Tepera at rtepera09@yahoo.com

Skyline Alydar Love Story, Romeo, owned by Ryan Tepera, (7pts, both majors)
CHAMPION Skyline Alydar Need For Speed Of Finish Line, "Boost", finished undefeated in four shows with four majors at 6mos and 4 days old!! owned by Laurie Palmer, co-owned by Ryan Tepera
Paris , owned by Megan and Alla Bradley and Ryan Tepera
Skyline Alydar's Prom Queen,Pink, Owned by Tracie West, co-owned by Ryan Tepera, 5pt major first weekend out at 6 mos old! (5pts, 1 major)
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Ch. Willowbay Bella Flora litters
6. Ch. Willowbay Bella Flora litters 
Litter whelped 12/9/08
Sire MBIS/BISS Ch. Alydar's Daytripper
4 org/wht girls, 3 blk/wht girls, 1 blk/wht boy

Adrian, Willowbay Alydar Circle Of Life, owners Meghann and Alla Bradley and Amy Walker (1pt)
Berkeley (formerly Betty), owned by The Mitchell Family, Florida
Flirt (formerly Pepper) Willowbay Alydar Life Of The Parti, owner CC Silver, New York
Lacey (formerly Pebbles), Available to loving companion home
Wilma, Willowbay Alydar Rhythm Of Life, Owners: Willowbay (3pts)
Noel, owner: April Walton, Ohio
Carrie, available, Willowbay Alydar The Good Life
Steve, Available to a loving companion home

Wormings Panacur

First shot, DHPP, 6 wks
Second shot, DHPP, 9 wks
Third shot, DHPP, 12 wks
Inquiries on this litter to Amy Walker at willowbayamy@cs.com, or me at bisalydar@gmail.com
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Ch. Monarch's Let 'Er Rip litters
7. Ch. Monarch's Let 'Er Rip litters 
Whelped 5/25/08
2 b/w boy, 1 o/w boy, 1 o/w girl

Dam: Ch. Monarch's Let 'Er Rip (lv/w)
Sire: MBIS/BISS Ch. Alydar Day Tripper (o/w)
Contact Suzzie Bambule at suzmonarch@aol.com for more information.

Monarch's Hole In One , Ace
Monarch's One Under Par, Birdie
Monarch's Sand Trap, Trapper
Monarch's Double Bogey, Harley, multiple BOB winner, 10 pts.

Whelped 11/16/08, The Rat Pack
sire: Ch. Monarch's Hello Mr. Heartache
6 boys, 4 black/white, 2 lemon/white
CHAMPION Monarch's Young At Heart "Petey", multitple BOB winner
Monarch's With a Song In My Heart "Sammy"
Monarch's Heart and Soul "Winston"
Monarch's Heart of the Matter "Ringo"
Monarch's OK Sweetheart "Genghis"
Archer Obama Rubenstein "Archer"
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8. LoveBugLitter 
Whelped 5/16/08
6 boys, 3 girls

Brody (formerly Maxwell G. Milligan) (formerly Juan Pablo), owner, Caroline Greco, Tampa, Fl
CHAMPION Alydar All For Love, Jose, owners: Nancy Bosley, Charles Goldstine, Amy Walker, Kristie Reisenweaver, BOB winner
Alydar Punch Drunk Love, Diego (formerly Carlos), owned by Pat, Blufton, SC
Alydar P.S. I Love You, Lorenzo, owner Jody Ripstein, Manitoba, Canada
CHAMPION Alydar Best of My Love, Gabriel, Owners: Kristie Reisenweaver, Nancy Bosley, Charles Goldstine, RWD APC National 2009
Alydar Love On The Run , Mario, loved and owned by The Curry family, South Carolina

Alydar One Sweet Love, Olivia, Owner: Peggy Lee Davis, (MyKyna Pointers), (4pt major)
CHAMPION Alydar Love On The Rocks at Solivia, Margarita, Owners: Solivia Kennel (9pts, 1 major), multiple BOB winner
CHAMPION Alydar Love Overboard at Fieldstone, Gladys, (formerly Carlotta), Owners Nancy Dohlmar and Kim Earle (Fieldstone Pointers), finished at 14 mos with three majors
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9. AlyxCloudlitter 
Whelped 5/7/08
3 b/w boys, 2 o/w boys, 1 o/w girl
Breeders: Suzzanne and Marge Passalaqua and Rachael Murphy

Dam: Ch. Alydar Let's Talk About Love
Sire: Group winning Ch. Calais Of Solivia

Marsuz Alydar Beautiful Dreamer (Chloe), staying at Marsuz Kennel
CHAMPION Marsuz Alydar Endless Love at Solivia(Reed, formerly Romeo), owners: Julia Nyal Kriebs (Nyal Mastiffs), Melissa Forneris and Susan Thompson (Solivia Pointers), mulitple BOB winner, finishes undefeated!
CHAMPION Marsuz Alydar Love Spell at Solivia (Rigel), Owned by Tina McDonnell (Southern Pointers) and Susan Thompson (Solivia Pointers) finishes undefeated! (15 pts, four majors)
Marsuz Alydar I Like It, I Love It at Solivia (McGraw), Owned by Katey Thompson-Brown, Dennis Brown, and Susan Thompson (Solivia Pointers), debuts winning BOB, Group 4,  (11 pts, 2 majors)
CHAMPION Marsuz Alydar Latin Lover of Solivia(Marcello), owned by Solivia Pointers, debuts going WD, BOS over specials, multiple BOB winner, finishes undefeated!
Marsuz Alydar Hunka Burnin Love (Hamlet), multiple BOB winner from the puppy class , (3pts)Owners: Pete and Jade Buchanan, Valrico, Fl.
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10. Squashpuppies  (March 27, 2007)
These are dogs out of Ch. Alydar Love Me Do "Squash" and Ch. Malmason's Hi Ho Silver JH "Ranger". Whelped 4/16/06.

Ch. Malmason Alydar Jet Ranger JH, "Jet"
WD PCCNJ March '07 Specialty
2008 Westminster Kennel Club BOS
Multiple Best Of Breed Winner
Top Twenty Pointer, March 08

Champion Malmason Alydar Power Ranger, "Yankee" multiple BOB winner, finished wd at PANE specialty

CHAMPION Malmason Alydar Range Hunter JH

CHAMPION Four C's Moon Shadow-N-Galaxy
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11. BeyoncexSterlingpuppies  (December 20, 2006)
Pointer puppies born 12/19/06
4 blk/wht girls and 2 blk/wht boys
Dam: Ch. Alydar Crazy In Love
Sire: Ch. Marjetta British Sterling
Official on paper breeders: Kim Earle and Rachael Murphy
Unofficial co-breeder: Nancy Dohlmar

AKC/ MBIS UKC CHAMPION Fieldstone Destiny's Child
UKC BIS Fieldstone Bootielicious, multiple BOB winner (needs only a major to finish)
Fieldstone Wild At Heart (pointed)
CHAMPION Fieldstone Emmett (BOSweeps PCCNJ Sept. '07 specialty, Finished in 7 shows with 3 majors!)

Inquires to: Nancy Dohlmar at ndohlmar@yahoo.com
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Rumor X Harvey puppies
12. Rumor X Harvey puppies  (October 20, 2006)
An "American" Affair!
Born on 10/19/06, 10 Beautiful Black/White puppies..6 girls and 4 boys.
Six of the 9 puppies being shown finished thier championships in 2007!

Sire: Ch. Coralwood Great Am Ballpark "Harvey" 2006 National AOM (liver/white)
pedigree at: http://www.coralwoodpointers.com/Pedigrees/harvey.html
Dam: MBIS/MBISS CH. Alydar Can't Buy Me Love JH "Rumor" (orange/white)

BISweeps CHAMPION Alydar American Made (finished at 9 mos., multiple BOB winner)
CHAMPION Alydar American Tourister JH (WD PCCNJ Specialty, finished with 4 majors)
Alydar American Chopper (11 pts, one major, BOS's over special)
CHAMPION Alydar American Tale (Best Puppy Dog APC 2007 National Specialty)
CHAMPION Alydar American Dream
Alydar American Superstar JH (12 pts. both majors, field pointed, mulitple BOB winner)
BPIS CHAMPION Stryke Point Alydar American Girl (group placer, RWB 2007 PANE specialty)
BPIS BISwps CHAMPION Alydar American Beauty (Multi-group placer)
CHAMPION Alydar Love American Style (BOB winner)
Alydar American Sweetheart (loved companion dog)
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An All Male Review! Pointer Puppies
13. An All Male Review! Pointer Puppies  (December 2, 2005)
Sire: Ch. PNR Please Please Me JH
Dam: Ch. Alydar's Fatal Attraction
Born 11/10/05

Ch. Alydar You Only Live Twice
Alydar Twice The Love (12 pts, 2 majors)
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14. Rumorbabies  (November 17, 2004)
The "Love" song litter...6 boys and 6 girls...all black and white. Born 11/16/04.

Sire is Am. Can. Ch. Solivia's Blackheart Bravado.
Dam: MBIS/MBISS AKC/UKC Ch. Alydar's Can't Buy Me Love JH.   

Ch. Alydar All You Need Is Love
AKC/UKC Ch. Alydar Crazy L'il Thing Called Love
Ch. Alydar Groovy Kind Of Love
Ch. Alydar The Trouble Of Love Is
Ch. Alydar Everlasting Love (Best in Futurity APC 2006 National Specialty)
Ch. Alydar Crazy In Love
Ch. Alydar Love Me Tender (RWD APC 2006 National Specialty)(OFA GOOD, Thyroid Normal)
Int. Ch./AKC Ch. Alydar Let's Talk About Love
Alydar Love Bites (singled out)
Alydar Love You Out Loud (pointed)
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