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1924 Vz24 Mauser sniper rifle
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Enlarge photo 1

Vz24 right side
This is a Czech contract rifle, proofed in 1937, the sniper variants were reportedly made pre WWII & fitted w/a Czech 4x scope, post war they were used until the adoption of the Vz54 Mosin based snipers rifle (see the Vz54 album for info on that rifle), reportedly some of these Mausers were also fitted w/Soviet PE/PEM scopes as shown requiring shimming the scope to the rings, others used whatever scopes the czech's had on hand. There is also a Romanian verison of this snipers rifle (see the Romanian section for pics/info) but Czech &/or Romanian marked specimans could have been used by either the Czechs or Romanians post WWII.

Enlarge photo 2

Vz24 right butt view
Unk as to the meaning of the painted number but it's probably a rack number

Enlarge photo 3

rear side view of scope/mount
Note the odd scope mount w/the horizontal rail connecting the rings & the difference in diameter of the scope tube & ring diameter taken up by shimming the scope w/aluminum strips, also the turned down bolt handle & cutout in the stock compared to the standard Vz24's straight bolt & smooth side stock.

Enlarge photo 4

Action, scope/mount right detail
Not all of these Vz24's set up for scopes had the stock cutout, I've seen a few w/smooth sides, also some w/straight bolts although most of these rifles have been reworked & are not matching so not much can be determined from these examples.

Enlarge photo 5

Top view of the scope/mount

Enlarge photo 6

Right muzzle view
Note the odd, but standard Vz24 front sight protector.

Enlarge photo 7

Muzzle left side

Enlarge photo 8

Action, scope/mount left side

Enlarge photo 9

Butt left side

Enlarge photo 10

Left full view

Enlarge photo 11

Cze Vz24 snip no mount R

Enlarge photo 12

Cze Vz24 snip no mount R actn

Enlarge photo 13

Cze vz24 snip no mount L mkg

Enlarge photo 14

Cze Vz24 snip no mount L actn

Enlarge photo 15

Cze Vz24 snip no mount L

Enlarge photo 16

Cze Vz24 snip no mount buttplate

Enlarge photo 17

Rom Vz24 snip R scope mkg

Enlarge photo 18

Vz24 mount R

Enlarge photo 19

Rom Vz24 snip L scope mkg

Enlarge photo 20

Vz24 mount bottom

Enlarge photo 21

Vz24 mount bottom1

Enlarge photo 22

Vz24 mount L

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