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TT30-TT33 Tokarev variants
Adopted by the Soviets in 1930 as the TT30, developed into the TT33 & used by almost every Communist and/or Socialist State throughout the Cold War. Included in this album are variants, TT30, TT33, Soviet, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish etc, & developements/modifications, Yugo M70, Zc88.
For more pics/info on the Soviet variants see the album on the Soviet TT
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Enlarge photo 1

Soviet 1935 mfg TT30
The pistol was adopted in 1930 but serial production did not start until 1933, originally known as the TT30 it underwent developemental changes in 1934 & 1935, the definitive design of the TT33 was first mfg in 1936 & then known as the TT33! This particular pistol is a 1935 mfg, Tula, TT30 2nd variation.

Enlarge photo 2

1935 TT30 left side
The original TT30 used a removeable section in the frame backstrap to mount the hammer spring, had the barrel lugs machined only 1/2 way around the barrel & used a slightly different hammer assembly. The 1st variant, mfg in 1934 had the lugs machined completely around the barrel, the 2nd variant, 1935 also changed the hammer assembly to the later TT33 type but still had the removeable backstrap plate.

Enlarge photo 3

TT30 frame left, TT33 right
Here is a pic of a TT30 & a TT33 frame, both stripped showing the location of the TT30 backstrap. This is the major "cosmetic" or apparent difference between the 2 models.

Enlarge photo 4

Soviet TT33 & Tula Korovin pistol
Shown here are a standard 1941 mfg TT33 along with a 1926 TK (Tula Korovin) 6.35 pistol, the TK was never adopted by Soviet forces but was utilized by Staff Officers, NKVD, Militia etc.

Enlarge photo 5

TT33 & TK left view
For more on the TK see the album on it in the Combloc-Soviet Weapons section.

Enlarge photo 6

Soviet TT30, TT33 variants
From top to bottom:
1935 Tula mfg TT30
1941 Tula mfg TT33
1942 Tula mfg TT33
1949 Tula mfg TT33

Enlarge photo 7

TT30 & TT33 Soviet, left view

Enlarge photo 8

Soviet TT30-33 close up
Clockwise from top right: 1935 TT30, 1941 TT33, 1942 TT33, 1949 TT33. Note the external appearance of the TT30 & the 41 TT33 are identical without being able to see the backstrap, grips are a hard plastic, vertically grooved w/a star in a circle w/CCCP between the points of the star. The '42 TT33 is a rough wartime variation w/original wooden grips, reportedly used 42/43. The last TT33, top left is a Postwar, 1949 mfg, note the slide serrations which were changed to a fine serration compared to the earlier guns which had less serrations & were much wider. This particular pistol has a variant set of grips, instead of the star in a circle it has a triangle which normally is associated w/Ishevsk Arsenal but there is reference that this particular marking is in fact a Tula ID for guns that were made on Tula machinery that had been relocated in the Ishevsk area during WW2, the 42 & the 49 dated pistols both have a triange inside a circle mfg mark on the frames. The grips on the 49 repor...

Enlarge photo 9

TT30 & TT33's opposite view

Enlarge photo 10

Chinese PRC Type 54 Tokarev grip
The Chinese began mfg of the TT33 as the Type 51 reportedly in about 1954, most PRC Toks that are seen though are marked Type 54 in Chinese characters on the slide. This particlar gun is a matching non-import, interestingly it has the standard T54 grip on the right w/a star in a circle but the left grip is an apparent replacement, it has just a circle which reportedly is a grip from a Chinese produced TT33 known as the M20 which was identical to the T54 except for markings.

Enlarge photo 11

T54 left grip
Here you can see the difference in the grip.

Enlarge photo 12

Hungarian M48 TT33 grip emblem
The Hungarians also mfg the TT33, known as the M48 to them, it was identical to the post war Soviet TT33 except for markings, the Hungarian production code marking was 02, & the Hungarian Communist emblem on the grips.

Enlarge photo 13

Polish Wz48 TT33 grips pre-1950 mfg
The Polish army also adopted the TT33 as the Wz48, these pistols were mfg in Poland beginning in 1948, the original guns were marked Radom, dated 48-49-50 & had the grips w/WP on 1 side & FB on the other. In approximately 1950 the guns began to be mfg in line w/Soviet guidelines on weapons production & were thereafter marked w/Polands code of 11 in an oval & the grips were plain & vertically grooved.

Enlarge photo 14

Polish Wz48, 1952 mfg
Oval 11 mkd pistol w/plain later grip panels.

Enlarge photo 15

Soviet wartime wooden grip
These grips were made during the war.

Enlarge photo 16

Soviet 1945? Tula? grip.
According to Datig these grips were used on 1945 guns that were made on relocated Tula machinery in the Ishevsk area, note the pistol also has the triangle mark for the arsenal symbol rather than the Tula star. Reportedly they were only used for a short time (1945) then the original star/CCCP grips were utilized. There is also another variant of these grips that has vertical grooves rather than the small checkering, these were reportedly used on 22 target TT3 pistols. Again, more info can be found in Datig's Tokarev book.

Enlarge photo 17

Yugoslav 7.65 M70 variation
This is a small frame, 7.65cal pistol, the Yugoslavs adopted the TT33 as the M57, subsequently made 9mm variants, they also modified & adapted the basic design, this M70 pistol, there is also an M70 which is a TT33 but in 9mm, has been used by Militia & Army Officers in Yugoslavia.

Enlarge photo 18

Yugoslavian 9mm ZC88
Another variant of the Tokarev action, this pistol is between the TT33 & 7.65 M70 in size & is chambered for the 9mm para round. I do not believe this pistol was ever adopted or utilized by the Yugoslavian military.

Enlarge photo 19

Zc88 right side grip
Identical to the left except for the lack of the Zc medallion.

Enlarge photo 20

Serial number/date marking on Type 54
On left upper frame side just under slide serrations

Enlarge photo 21

Hungarian M48 frame mkgs

Enlarge photo 22

Polish Wz48 serial on frame, post 1950

Enlarge photo 23

Soviet TT30 1934 mfg frame marking

Enlarge photo 24

Soviet 1935 TT30 frame mkg

Enlarge photo 25

Soviet 1939 TT33 frame mkg

Enlarge photo 26

Soviet 1942 frame mkg

Enlarge photo 27

Soviet 1949 frame mkg

Enlarge photo 28

Yugoslav M70 7.65 frame mkg

Enlarge photo 29

Yugoslav Zc88 9para frame mkg

Enlarge photo 30

Chinese type 54 slide marking

Enlarge photo 31

Polish Wz48 slide marking
note this marking is on post 1950 mfg guns

Enlarge photo 32

Soviet 1934 TT30 slide mkg

Enlarge photo 33

Soviet 1935 TT30 slide mkg

Enlarge photo 34

Soviet 1939 TT33 slide mkg

Enlarge photo 35

Soviet 1949 TT33 slide marking

Enlarge photo 36

TT33 variants
top right- Polish Wz48, note the slide serrations on the Polish guns are the large wide style as on early Soviet TT33's, all others, Hungarian, Chinese, Yugoslav, & Romanian have the fine serrations.
center right- Hungarian M48
bottom right- Chinese T54
bottom left- Soviet 1949 TT33
center left- Soviet 1942 TT33
top left- Soviet 1941 TT33

Enlarge photo 37

TT33 variants opposite side view
top right- Soviet 1941 TT33
center right- Soviet 1942 TT33
Bottom right-Soviet 1949 TT33
bottom left- Chinese T54 (M20 variant grip on this side!)
center left- Hungarian M48
top left- Polish Wz48 (post 1950)

Enlarge photo 38

TT33 variants, grips
top right- Polish Wz48
center right- Hungarian M48
bottom right- Chinese T54
bottom left- Soviet 1949 TT33
center left- Soviet 1942 TT33
top left- Soviet 1941 TT33

Enlarge photo 39

TT33 variants, grips opposite side view
top right- Soviet 1941 TT33
center right- Soviet 1942 TT33
bottom right- Soviet 1949 TT33
bottom left- Chinese T54 (note M20 variant grip)
center left- Hungarian M48
top left- Polish Wz48

Enlarge photo 40


Enlarge photo 41

TT33-Zc88-M70 7.65
Soviet 1941 TT33
Yugo Zc88 9para
Yugo M70 7.65

Enlarge photo 42

top to bottom:
Soviet 1941 TT33
Yugo Zc88 9mm para
Yugo M70 7.65

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