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British WW1 Enfield P14 (.303)
3 WW1 configuration P14's, all blued, matching, complete w/volley sights.
The P13 Enfield was developed originally to replace the SMLE, it was going to use a .276cal round & use a Mauser mag style, the original rifles had multiple angled grasping grooves in the forend & are very rare, WW1 stopped the replacement plan & instead the Brits contracted w/Winchester & Remington to make this in 303cal, which was accomplished & adopted as the P14 (303cal), the original P13 bayonet lost it's quillon but was kept as the P13 bayonet, they were never used by the Brits in WW1 as they had managed to boost production of the SMLE by the time these were ready & delivered, most went into store. When the US entered the war they faced the same situation as the Brits early in the war, not enough rifles, this design was then redesigned for the US 30.06 & adopted as the US M1917 & actually equipped more US troops in WW1 than the 03 Springfield! Sgt. Alvin York, during the action for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor was actually armed w/an M1917 not an 03 Springfield!
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Enlarge photo 1

Note: bottom rifle is an Eddystone mfg P14 w/the original Eddystone pattern "fat belly" stock, it is noticeably thicker in the forend area, has a distinctive ridge near the forend volley sight & no grasping grooves, the other pics show these features well.

Enlarge photo 2


Enlarge photo 3

note rear volley sights in raised position

Enlarge photo 4


Enlarge photo 5


Enlarge photo 6


Enlarge photo 7


Enlarge photo 8


Enlarge photo 9


Enlarge photo 10


Enlarge photo 11


Enlarge photo 12


Enlarge photo 13


Enlarge photo 14


Enlarge photo 15


Enlarge photo 16

P13 Remington mfg Bay/Scbrd
Remington mfg P13 bayonet as issued w/P14 rifles, it is outwardly similiar to the P07 bayonets used w/the SMLE No3 rifles but they are not interchangeable, the P13 bayonets have vertical grooves in the handles as a visual distinction whereas the P07's are smooth

Enlarge photo 17

P13 Rem Bay/Scbrd
note the blade finish, darkened on the hilt brighter on the blade & the British pattern scabbard, these bayonets were also issued w/the US M1917 Enfield rifles but with the US WW1 scabbard & US markings, although you will find Brit P13 bayonets remarked & issued in US scabbards for M1917's

Enlarge photo 18


Enlarge photo 19


Enlarge photo 20

original pattern1913 bayonet
this is the original P13 bayonet as made for the trials rifles, P13 in .276 Pederson caliber, note quillon, this bayonet was patterened after the P07 for the SMLE which also originally had the quillon which was subsequently dropped in service, the P13 was only issued as a trial pattern in this configuration, all production versions were w/o quillon. This is a web photo used for illustration/education only.

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