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Very important information regarding spay and neuter, early altering is creating some very serious health issues in dogs. This doctor is amazing, check out her website and/or Facebook page, her video on nutrition is profound.

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Everybody knows you should get your puppy from "a good breeder." But how can you tell who's a good breeder?  Raising good puppies makes some very specific demands, so there are signs, that the careful buyer can spot.

"Click here to learn "How to Recognize a Good Breeder"


There's so much to know about taking care of a puppy; there's also much to understand about training a puppy. How do you begin? You begin by first learning about what makes a puppy a puppy - what he needs, what he responds to, what he can do. This link then is your introduction to basic puppy.


Please click here to understand the stages of puppy development.


The great dog food debate- the good the bad and the ugly.  How does one choose?  If you follow television, you may believe that the companies that advertise there have foods full of tasty meat and chock full of great vitamins and minerals, but is it true?  Not so much. In the world of dog food it is buyer beware, yet the average person picking up a supermarket brand of dog food is unaware of the hazard.  This does not make them bad owners – they are simply uninformed owners.  Who knew you needed to research dog food more diligently than your own food?


Over the years many pet owners and Veterinarians have become concerned about the potentially harmful practice of annual vaccination. As immune disease, cancer and chronic disease in canines increases, new studies on the duration of immunity are being done.

All 27 veterinary schools in North America are in the process of changing their protocols for vaccinating dogs and cats. Those that are working for change have a long road ahead of them.

Old habits die hard; fortunately things are starting to change for the better thanks to a few dedicated Veterinarians and researchers who are willing to make a difference.

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