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1. party 
Davids 50th
328 Visits
18 Images
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France Xmas
2. France Xmas 
279 Visits
24 Images
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Davy's 70th Birthday
3. Davy's 70th Birthday  (2/12/2017)
134 Visits
35 Images
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xmas cards
4. xmas cards  (xmas)
589 Visits
36 Images
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London 2017
5. London 2017  (september2-4)
city break in London
1475 Visits
90 Images
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Sou Wester last night
6. Sou Wester last night 
462 Visits
26 Images
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Rangers FC championship promotion
7. Rangers FC championship promotion   (5/4/2016)
335 Visits
2 Images
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8. cards 
Home made cards, personalised candles and other home made nick knacks.
12841 Visits
14 Images
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9. Kelpies  (1-7-15)
Day out at the Helix in Falkirk to see the kelpies.

A Mythical horse with a mystical tale.
1888 Visits
49 Images
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Corfu 2015
10. Corfu 2015  (4/6/15)
11348 Visits
58 Images
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Glasgow rooftops
11. Glasgow rooftops 
Got the chance to take some photos from the rooftop of a building being renovated in Glasgow City Centre at West Nile Street next to the old Odeon Cinema.
Only had ten minutes to take them.
615 Visits
28 Images
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Matchday Mascots
12. Matchday Mascots 
463 Visits
2 Images
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13. naw 
Orange Lodge anti Independence march in Edinburgh, Scotland
947 Visits
36 Images
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Commonwealth Games 2014
14. Commonwealth Games 2014  (23/7/14)
Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Red Arrows flying by my house. Superb!
2537 Visits
215 Images
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Orange Parade 2014
15. Orange Parade 2014 
July 12th celebration parade in Glasgow 2014
4753 Visits
208 Images
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SOS petition
16. SOS petition 
John Brown & Craig Houston of Sons of Struth handing in petition at Ibrox
626 Visits
13 Images
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Corfu 2014
17. Corfu 2014  (Holiday)
Holiday in orfu for a week 9th of May 2014 to 16th of May 2014
10010 Visits
120 Images
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18. rangers26.4.14 
Last home game at Ibrox and tributes to Sandy Jardine who died.
1455 Visits
38 Images
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Clyde 2014
19. Clyde 2014 
Popped down having seen a lot of work going and did my nosey.
Passing by every other day, curiosity got the better of me and when I saw all the trees getting chopped down, I was livid!
978 Visits
55 Images
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Portugal  holiday 2013
20. Portugal  holiday 2013 
late holiday in Portugal
5741 Visits
54 Images
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Rangers FC Services day
21. Rangers FC Services day  (28/9/13)
1623 Visits
64 Images
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Zip Slide
22. Zip Slide  (17/8/60)
I did a zip slide across the River Clyde fo a charity called help for heroes, Erskine.

Would like to thank all those who sponsored me.
883 Visits
10 Images
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Rangers 4-1 Brechin City
23. Rangers 4-1 Brechin City 
Football match at Ibrox 10/8/13
943 Visits
56 Images
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Nans B'day
24. Nans B'day  (3/8/13)
1538 Visits
81 Images
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Rangers FC v Sheffield Wed. FC
25. Rangers FC v Sheffield Wed. FC  (24/7/13)
Friendly match with Sheffield Wednesday and Rangers F.C.
938 Visits
33 Images
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Blairdrummond Safari Park
26. Blairdrummond Safari Park  (13/7/13)
Took a wee trip to the safari park taking advantage of the good weather which was unusual for the Glasgow Fair.
2637 Visits
245 Images
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Orange Order Parade
27. Orange Order Parade  (6/7/13)
Orange Orange Parade, Glasgow, Scotland
2394 Visits
203 Images
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Aerial Pictures
28. Aerial Pictures  (26/6/13)
Aerial pics of Glasgow and West Coast
999 Visits
69 Images
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Larkhall Parade
29. Larkhall Parade  (7/6/13)
1047 Visits
51 Images
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Sunday Parade
30. Sunday Parade  (2/6/13)
Orange Parade in Glasgow
1522 Visits
49 Images
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Rangers FC 3rd div. champs
31. Rangers FC 3rd div. champs 
some pictures from Ibrox Stadium on last game of the season 2012-13
925 Visits
43 Images
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Rangers Programmes
32. Rangers Programmes 
Football programmes v Rangers FC.
1597 Visits
95 Images
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33. Photography 
511 Visits
5 Images
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TSA party
34. TSA party 
Tradeston Somme Party
761 Visits
37 Images
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Nitshill Parade
35. Nitshill Parade 
1083 Visits
51 Images
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Govan Apprentice Boys
36. Govan Apprentice Boys 
GAB's walking through Tradeston, Glasgow.

If you wish a copy of any pictures. Contact m.mcmaster182@btinternet.com
719 Visits
19 Images
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Poppy day at Ibrox
37. Poppy day at Ibrox 
Rangers V Peterhead 2-0

Servicemen are paid tribute by the Rangers fans, and Peterhead fans at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.
1597 Visits
76 Images
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Sou Halloween
38. Sou Halloween 

Birthday Halloween night in the Sou Wester Tavern
1159 Visits
24 Images
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Ibrox Stadium
39. Ibrox Stadium 
Just some pictures of Ibrox Stadium, home to Rangers FC.
2266 Visits
173 Images
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Somme Parade 2012
40. Somme Parade 2012  (29/9/12)
Paraders commemorating the signing of the Ulster Covenant in 1912 100 years ago.
All photographs taken by Margaret McMaster.
I have given permission to use photographs but would appreciate a link back to the site for others to see them if possible.
Thank you.
2377 Visits
278 Images
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Somme Parade, Belfast
41. Somme Parade, Belfast 
Phots of paraders and friends in Belfast for the 100th anniversary commemoration of the Covenant signing
1979 Visits
218 Images
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Rangers FC
42. Rangers FC 
videos from my seat at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland
1098 Visits
23 Images
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