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Recruit Class # 1 - 1974

FRONT ROW:  U/K, Ron Seiferling, Bernie Eiswirth, U/K, Chief Huget, U/K, U/K, U/K, John Reid.

MIDDLE:  Milo Korchinski, Jim Mayes, Larry Toupin, U/K, John Kinchloe, Dale Schultz, Doug Matheis, U/K, Tom Barry, Len Klimek

BACK ROW:  U/K, Garry Hoedel, U/K, Bob Paseznak, U/K, Bill Bond, U/K, Jim Daniels, Mark Eisenzimmer
"I have the list of names for this class. Damm we looked good, what happened to us." --Dick Leier, 06/16/05
"Beside Bernie is Supt. Weber, left of Chief Huget is Judge Joe Flynn, lady in blue is Ivy Baker" --Dave Sweeney, 05/12/14
"filling in the u/k for you Front row: Richard (Dick)Leier, Ken Walker(he was fired for those B&E's back in the late 70's)its not Bernie Eiswirth Bernie was NOT in Class #1 then Supt Harold Weber, Judge Joseph Flynn Coleen Chapman, Ivy Baker Middle row: first ukn is not Jim Mayes its Gary Oliver.the Murray Bohem, Brian Ferguson (not John Kincheloe). Doug Mathies was not in class one..when I remember the name I'll get back to you. the next U/k is Grant Nikurity Back Row Ron Hval, Gary Hoedel, Pankiw (last name)Bob Pasesnak, Jerome Jeskey the only one I don't know is who the guy between Bill Bond and Mark Eisenzimmer is" --Dale Schulz, 02/18/15
"The person between Bill Bond and Jim Daniels is Ron Radick. The person to the right of Dale Schulz is Ken Curtis, then Grant Nicurity, then Tom Barry" --Dale Schulz, 02/19/15
"I stand corrected by another retired RPS member. The person between Bill Bond and Jim Daniels is Leneord Pankiw. The person between Gary Hoedel and Bob Pasesnak is Ron Radick. (all in the back row." --Dale Schulz, 02/19/15
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