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Sandy OrtnerSat, 7 Oct 2017 3:56AM

When I was a little girl in Rochester New York I was walking in the snow. I was about five years old at the time. The sun was shining and I saw something shining through the snow. I bent down and pushed the snow away to find angels looking back at me. I picked it up in my mittens and with excitement ran back home. I gave it to my mother and was excited to see angels. At that time I had no idea about the jewelry but all I saw was the angels. Mom put it away for many years. I was in my 40's when she gave it back to me and I realized it was a pin and Leo Glass on the back of it. I am 75 now. Those angels were with me all of my life because as a child I felt angels were with me that day.  Soon after finding the angels in the snow my mother and myself took a long journey for the times. She ran away with me and changed our identity and that is another story but never to return. I told my daughter when I gave it to her to take it to antique dealer if she chooses. Can you advise and thank you. It has been a blessed memory I was given as a child finding the pin.

Virginia HolkSun, 9 Nov 2014 1:28PM

Thank you so much for the information.  I am researching a leo glass set I have of my mothers.

Rickey GarnerWed, 2 Apr 2014 12:57PM

About 55 years ago, my father gave my mother a beautiful Leo Glass necklace and earring set that is sterling mesh with stones. I would like to purchase a new box to keep this set in. It is beautiful and should be kept in our family. Thank you

Mary JulianWed, 30 Jan 2013 5:56PM

I have a broach(I think) that is silver with nine chains hanging down from it at different lengths with charms on the ends.  It has the typical signature of Leo Glass on the back.  This was my great grandmothers and I would love to know what it is.

Margaret AlcalaThu, 12 Apr 2012 3:09PM

I have an interesting Leo Glass brooch in a chatelaine style.  I would love to know it's age and approximate value.

Pat ThorpeMon, 9 Jan 2012 9:36PM

I inherited my mother's Leo Glass Courtly Jewels matching necklace, bracelet, and screw-on earrings. All have clear rhinestones set in filigrie sterling silver. I love them-is there a way to get a value on them...at least a rough idea and to find out from what year they come from?

Jeanette AllenSat, 10 Sep 2011 10:23AM

I have a Leo Glass box with a neckless & earring (clip on )that a friend gave me . They belong to his  mother who pass away about 20 yr.ago (in her 90).How can I tell if it Leo Glass Jewels?

Frederik FrederiksenThu, 11 Aug 2011 4:17AM

Hello, My grandfather , who I am named after, worked for Leo Glass back in the thirties and forties. I have a brochure with him and many others pictured that worked for the company.

EmmaSat, 2 Apr 2011 7:00AM

I have a Leo Glass necklace which I wish to restore. I can't seem to find many pics of Jewelry produced by them. I really want to find a picture of the necklace I have so I can restore it to original. I've saved beads which have fallen off with loss of a few main drops unfortunately. It's brass with bookchains in a festoon type design. There are stamped brass filigree type hollow beads dangling at points from the chain. The focal drops consist of a large turquiose glass bead (faux stone look)with filigree bead caps, then hanging below smaller round turquiose (fauz stone) beads and brass caps, almost like a tassel. Originally there were black cut glass beads in a circle hanging at different points but few remain. It's a large very unusual piece which I adore and wish to restore. If anyone has seen or knows of this design any pics would be much appreciated! Oh, one last thing. It does have a leo glass mark. There is a small slighlty curvy tag, made of brass? with leo glass in script.

LoisThu, 10 Feb 2011 7:11AM

I have a Leo Glass Forever Darling Lucille Ball rhinestone necklace and earring in the original box...Any info would be appreciated.

sue vanceWed, 29 Oct 2008 2:30PM

i inherited an old, rare leo glass pin/brooch from my grandmother, who died in 1971. the pin features the head of a cherub or serephim at the top, with three separate dangles: the longest center dangle is an upside-down (sacrificial?) goat, the right dangle is a halfmoon, with two faces (one side smiles, the other frowns), and the left dangle is a full-bodied cherub or serephim. the metal work is silvertone...not sure if it is sterling or pot, but the leo glass oval signature is on the back. does anyone know anything about this? i've searched the web extensively and have found nothing. thanks!

Susan ThompsonThu, 10 Jul 2008 5:26PM

My mom had a Leo Glass snowflake necklace and earrings with screw backs. The stones are light blue and dark blue.   The original box is not in perfect condition. I do not know when she got them, but I used to sneak in her drawer and put them on and pretend I was a princess (This was 50 years ago.) Are they valuable or just pretty costume jewelry?

Betty Sun, 18 Feb 2007 12:47PM

I have Leo Glass original necklace and earring set.  The ear rings have the screw backs and his signature on them.  I was wondering if anyone would know how much they are worth.

MaeMon, 15 Jan 2007 3:57PM

Hi, I was given a set of Leo Glass jewelry--neclace, brooch, and earings all done in yellow rhinestones and crystals. The set is in its own red velvet jewel case with Leo Glass's name on it. Do you have any idea of the value of this set?

Thanks, Mae

Cheryl K.Wed, 4 Oct 2006 11:09AM

I have a necklace/screw type earring set that is titled "Jewels of Fashion" & has a paper label picture insert of Elizabeth Taylor wearing the set.  It is mostly clear rhinestone but the necklace has 2 pink cabachon type stones and the earrings each have a single pink stone along with the rhinestone. Does anyone know of a set like this or the approx. value??

Beckie Mon, 27 Feb 2006 4:03PM

I have a piece of Leo Glass Jewelry can you tell me when and what it might be worth? It has a cameo of two people sitting next to each other a man and woman and it has dangles on it . thank You

nancySat, 26 Nov 2005 6:39AM

we also have a necklace and earrings set in original box .Pink clam shell.Please advise of possible age and value.Thank you

whitneySat, 22 Oct 2005 7:09PM

I have a leo glass set of earings and necklace it has its original box and i am assuming that the florentine lace name is the name of the line it was given to me by my great grandmother and i would love to know more about it.

Linda BFri, 17 Jun 2005 6:19PM

I have a necklace and earring set marked Leo Glass.  I don't know how old it is.  Can you give me any information?

CathyTue, 8 Mar 2005 3:18PM

I have a vintage necklace & earring set with Leo Glass on the clasp; however it is not like the two Leo Glass marks shown here, and the clasp is different from ones on this stie.  Any information would help.  Stones are emerald green, rhinestones, pearls, set in gold-tone metal.

rosie Mon, 20 Dec 2004 12:00PM

I have a elizabeth taylor fashion jewelry set. (necklace and earring) in orignal box,it has a picture of Elizabeth taylor  printed inside the top of the box. under her name it has mgm star and under fashion jewelry it has styled by leo glass. The set is in great shape but the felt box does show some wear. Could you please give me an idea of value  and also age. She picture makes me think that she was maybe in her late tweny or so. Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas

NinaSat, 6 Nov 2004 12:20AM

I have a necklace and earring set by Leo Glass in the original box.  It is the Florentine Lace set. I would like to know if it is worth anything.. thank you

EstebanWed, 27 Oct 2004 12:28PM

Hi I was going thru my mom jewelry today and I stumbled upon a Leo Glass Necklace and earings in a leo glass box and I was wondering if it's even worth anything.

LuAnnThu, 14 Oct 2004 10:05AM

I have a necklace with original label "Elizabeth Taylor Fashion Jewelry, styled by Leo Glass.  Anyone any idea how old or value?

Marti RobertsMon, 13 Sep 2004 8:23PM

I have a earrings and necklace set styled by Leo Glass, In the orignal box. The inside satin liner says      "Forever Darling" Lucille Ball.
How can I find out the age and value of this set.

DEBBIESat, 11 Sep 2004 9:53PM


Flo FloriaMon, 23 Dec 2002 4:35AM

Hi. I am an old but nebbie to JC. Of course I read this through the email. I have not introduced myself yet.

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