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Guestbook for Cavy Cages - Free Range - Lynx. 5 entries. Sign the Guestbook
janesha green | janeshagreen259@yahoo.comThu, 28 Jun 2012 9:22PM

im interested in a guinea pig

Annalyce MagilotnSat, 15 Jul 2006 10:30PM

ilove the way you let your guinea pigs be free but safe. isnt it hard to catch them though? With all that space and all....

KaiteSat, 19 Jun 2004 11:29AM

how do you get your cavies to not chew up all the wood things in that room? Mine chews on everything! Any suggestions?

ClaudiWed, 7 May 2003 3:14PM

they look just like my piggie - http://public.fotki.com/valuekid/peru_1/guineapig35.html

peteWed, 12 Mar 2003 2:52PM

Glad you let them be free but safe. It looks nice. I like them because I saw them getting abused and now have a soft spot for them.

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