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Guestbook for NYC Winston Cup 2001. 32 entries. Sign the Guestbook
lodo4kaSun, 4 Jun 2006 4:52AM

HI! I love this place!

KaylaThu, 26 May 2005 2:44PM

You don't have any Kurt Busch pictures here!!!! He is soooooo HOT!!! He gives me thoughts!!LOL

aprilTue, 1 Feb 2005 3:40PM

Jeff Gordon is my dream man! I'd marry him if he asked me!

samanthaFri, 21 Nov 2003 7:13PM

love  jeff gordon

marcyWed, 25 Jun 2003 10:11PM

jr is so hott he looks good in anything i would marry him in a heartbeat!!

JamieMon, 23 Dec 2002 7:29PM

In pic #24 he's kissing me!!!! He's sooo HOTTT!!! I'm gonna merry him!!!

JenniferMon, 23 Dec 2002 1:15PM

jrz sooo sexy, great pics

LeighFri, 13 Dec 2002 11:03AM

It is so hard to find good photos of dale jr.

tammyMon, 18 Nov 2002 5:47PM

Junior is so HOTT!

KelSun, 17 Nov 2002 5:12PM

awww i luv pic 24! jr ur so hott!

PaJrFanMon, 14 Oct 2002 8:02PM

Junior sure looks good in a tie.  Great Pictures!

AliMon, 23 Sep 2002 9:33PM

JR...Looking good baby!!

DanielWed, 21 Aug 2002 2:39PM


brandi roarkSat, 10 Aug 2002 7:14PM

i love jeff gordon so much and he looks so hot in all these pictures

TroySat, 10 Aug 2002 4:41AM


Becca AFri, 2 Aug 2002 3:27PM

This site is really great & I love the picutes.....

April BalmerFri, 5 Jul 2002 2:42PM

Dale Jr looking sharp in #28, looking good...

Ramana ThomasThu, 20 Jun 2002 9:29AM

You guys take the BEST pics.  Especially of my boy JR.

ValeriSun, 12 May 2002 1:19PM

Like the site!

jenniferFri, 26 Apr 2002 10:03AM


LeeMon, 15 Apr 2002 8:48AM

Looking forward to more great pics in the future!

Kristy PurvisMon, 8 Apr 2002 2:30PM

this is my fave site, I love Dale Jr.! Thanks for all the great worksee ya at the track, guys!

LeslieTue, 5 Mar 2002 1:30PM

Incredible pictures. Wish I could get that close!

ROSASat, 2 Mar 2002 12:24PM


KarenWed, 23 Jan 2002 11:22AM

Excellent! Though, I expect nothing else from ya' Jim!  Thanks for stopping by my site!

jackieTue, 22 Jan 2002 4:22PM

you have a great website. your pics are awesome, and i can't wait to finish seeing them all!!!

Eve YoungSun, 13 Jan 2002 4:27PM

Great Photos Jim as usual!!

Lisa TranterSun, 13 Jan 2002 9:55AM

Howdy Jim.  Great pictures as usual from you.  Glad you shared them.  Hope to see more from the Preview.  I agree with Saundra,  pics 31-35 are of course the best.

Guilherme CoutoSun, 13 Jan 2002 6:17AM

In Brazil, Nascar is not the top, for us the Formula One is the best, but I really love NASCAR and give you congratulatios . The site is cool, Happy and fast 2002

BonnieSat, 12 Jan 2002 2:34PM

Hi! Thanks for the pics of BOBBY!!!!!!

SaundraThu, 10 Jan 2002 5:25AM

Hi Jim!  Thanks for the pics.  Yours are always the greatest ... I especially enjoy nos. 31-35 -- what a suprise, huh?   Have a great day!!!

DonnaThu, 10 Jan 2002 4:31AM

Hi Jim...I'm a friend of Stacey's - met her and Elliot years ago at Waldorf.  Been going for years - I think this was my 9th!  Big Jeff Gordon fan.  Didn't make it to Times Square, so glad to see your pics.  They're great!  Only 38 days 'til the Daytona 500...hope I make it!

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