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Janie LeBeauFri, 17 Sep 2010 10:13AM

I haven't posted about our adoptions through RBR but wanted to tell you all about the pups we adopted. We first adopted Cameo in Jan. 07 and Cameo immediatly became her Daddy's whole heart, she was his life. Cameo was also her Mommy's heart. Cameo was the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had or known. We had our darling girl baby for less than 2 years when she got sick. Cameo got Immune Mediated Encephilitis which is swelling of the brain and spinal column. We tried everything for our girl baby but were unable to save her. The doctors did everything they could but we had to tell our baby goodbye on November 6, 2009, just after her 2nd birthday and ease her way to the Rainbow Bridge where she waits for us. We will miss her and love her forever. Thank you RBR for our darling girl baby, Cameo Nora Born Oct. 24, 2007 Died Nov. 6, 2009
Caroline is a fantastic foster mom.

Then we got Cutter Bug. We were supposed to pull him for RBR from the shelter and foster him but I had to call and say I couldn't foster him. I was asked why I couldn't. Simple answer I was in love with this little old man. Age estimated by the vet to 13-15 years old. So RBR let me adopt him, he was in bad shape with a major mouth infection and lost 7 of the 12 teeth he had left. His gotcha day was Aug. 2, 2008 and just a short 1 year and 3 months later, just 11 days after we lost our Cameo we had to help my little Buggie cross the brige to be with his sister and wait for us. Cutter Bug a boo baby as I called him was Mommy's heart dog. We will forever love him and miss him. His funny little face with his tongue hanging out because he had only 5 teeth, not enough to keep his tongue in his mouth, the way he would roll over for Mommy to rub his little belly, I will never forget all the joy he brought to me. Gotcha Aug. 2, 2008 Died Nov. 17, 2009

While we still had two Ratties our house was so empty without our darling heart dogs. So we went looking again to RBR and adopted Bobbie Jo, now Briar Rose Marilyn, from them. Briar is now a year old and will be with us a year come Thanksgiving. She always makes us laugh, is forever after the squirrels or playing with her sisters Nala Belle and Kiara Rose Patricia. I can never thank RBR enough for all they do for these dogs that are so heartlessly discarded. Thank you Linda A. for our Briar Rosie, you are a great foster mom.

Still we felt so empty and lost and so my fiance and I talked and decided that 3 wasn't going to get it, we were used to four.
So we went looking, Phil wanted a boy but I wasn't too sure because my fist rattie, Rattagan doesn't get along too well with males. I contacted Caroline about Jack Goodboy and wanted to bring him into my home and see how he and Rattagan got along. Jack wasn't here for the full 2 week trial before I told Caroline that we wanted to adopt him. Jack is a senior dog diagnosed after his adoption with Congestive Heart Failure. I was asked if I wanted to send him back and choose another dog. No, I don't, Jackie is staying with us. And here he still is. He is doing great on his meds for his heart and is a happy and really good boy. We couldn't ask for a sweeter little boy.

Thank you Ratbone Rescues for all you do for these precious babies.
Janie and Phil

PriscillaMon, 21 Jun 2010 9:25PM

I adopted a rattie during the summer of 2007. Her name was tinker, but is now Posh. She is one of the biggest joys in my life. Adopting her from ratbone rescues was a wonderful decision. Posh gets along great with her brother and sister. During one of the phone interviews I was asked about futer plans after graduating college and I said I would be attending law school. It was a concern to ratbone rescues if I went to law school would (tinker) Posh come too. Well, I am so thrilled to say I will be attending law school in the fall and Posh will of course be coming with. She is a huge part of the family. She will always go where ever I am. Thanks again ratbone rescues!! :)

Robyn CrawfordSun, 6 Dec 2009 4:48PM

Hi! I'm the forever home of Huck and Thyme, 2 pups that were blessed to born in the home of foster mom Lois and her husband, Anthony, in Jacksonville. The puppies' mom was rescued from a euthanasia shelter even though she was pregnant! All's well that ends well and we are now celebrating our first Christmas together! Thanks to Ratbone Rescue for allowing us to bring more joy to our already big family! Huck and Thyme are such wonderful miracles and I feel so lucky to spend each day with them!

Patty CheroneSat, 5 Dec 2009 1:17PM

I adopted a Rat Terrier (sassy) back in December 2008.  What a joy she has been and has brought life back to our 16 year old Border Collie/Terrier.  I'm hooked on the breed.

ANGELA LORZTue, 18 Aug 2009 10:08PM

I was lucky to be selected by my rattie's fostermom in 2004 to adopt Sparky (bug) from Texas. I flew down from WA and drove him home to Tonasket up near Canada. He now answers to Paco but still knows his Sparky Bug name. What a blessing this organization is for dog and lonely human!  The adoption process ensures successful transitions for the dogs. Paco saw snow for the first time the first morning after we arrived (this required careful tiptoeing).  He has taken over farm security around here, keeping all rabbits fleet, all coyote visits notified, all squirrels properly treed & ticked off at him, all Ups & Fedex drivers properly 'announced' and his monstrous Malamute brother resoundingly chastised for all infractions!  He takes long walk/hikes daily with the sheep and me, but is the snuggle-bug of HIS couch, faithfully keeping my recliner-bound husband company. Rat Terriers ROCK. My rescue dog is the best friend ever!

Kathie Gale (Habelt)Fri, 17 Jul 2009 1:34PM

I adopted one of your rattie a few years back and I love to go to your website and Look at all the dogs. You are doing a great job.  Keep up the good work.  My little girls name is Marcie and she is doing great.  She now has a sister, her name is Penny.  Thanks again for all your hard work

LinnMon, 4 May 2009 10:52AM

We are Nikki's forever parents. She came to us 3 years ago from Ratbone rescue. Nik's the best thing that has happened to our family. She's free from her insecurities and physco fears she had the first couple of years. Loves her squeeky toys and keeps them in the toilet when the lid is left open.  We love her personality and mind.
Bill and Linn whitehouse
Diamond Cross ranch
Birney, MT

Cari TharpTue, 23 Dec 2008 7:24PM

We adopted Tiny from ratbone rescue, he is a wonderful dog and has a very good home.This website is a wonderful website. We are very glad we have him in our home.

Susan MulderTue, 21 Oct 2008 7:05AM

I am very fortunate and will be picking up Noodle, a 3yr old ATH within the week. I am so excited to have been able to adopt from Ratbones and love the community and family they have created of happy dog mommies and daddies and their doggy children. This album is so heartwarming and I look forward to adding some photos of my own soon!

Annette PenrodFri, 29 Aug 2008 7:41PM

We previously owned a little rattie that passed away at the age of 12 years.  For the last 5 years of his life , he battled diabetes.  It has now been a year since his passing and I found the Ratbones website.  We are in the middle of adopting a new rattie and are extremely excited.  I love all the pictures and the stories of the successes with adopted ratties.  I always new that someday I would have another rattie to call my own.  I can hardly wait for the day when our new love finally comes home, FOREVER!!

Janet RhudySun, 24 Aug 2008 5:29AM

This is great as a mom to 3 rat terriers I know that once you get the first one your hooked. And one is never enough.I would adopt all the homeless one if I could.

MarilynTue, 5 Aug 2008 10:42PM

That is the sweetest group of pictures ever!

Kathy PuckettTue, 5 Aug 2008 8:24PM

I LOVE this album.  Thank you so much for assembling these happy tails for us to enjoy again and again.

robinSat, 2 Aug 2008 6:04PM

I love this page of all the happy dogs and new families. and yeah Hawkeyes mom is a foster mom now!!!

thanks Ratbone

SherriSat, 2 Aug 2008 6:52PM

This is great! I love to browse in here and read these wonderful happy tails! Congratulations on such a nice album!

LeveckeWed, 4 Jun 2008 7:20AM

Thank you Ratbone Rescues!
Looking forward to reading all the Happy Tails to come!

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