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Training Working Dogs
Training Working Ddogs
Album by Vickey Gothot. Photos by V¬ and Dad. 1 - 42 of 42 Total. 2382 Visits.
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I'm looking to train my shepard for hearing and sight helper any advice?
Robert Shelby, Fri, 18 Sep 2009 7:22AM
Looks good, wish we'd taken more pictures!
Chickie aka: Mom, Thu, 6 Jul 2006 11:07AM
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Enlarge photo 1
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One of my dogs working duck at a trial

Enlarge photo 2
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Enlarge photo 3
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Pulling Wool
I leave the wool-on some sheep to help get new dogs (first timers) Turned-On.
This bitch went from "No Interest" to this in 5 minutes and has a good hold now.
That's "Ok" at this Point and Time in her Training.

Enlarge photo 4
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Teaching Down
Now that she has gotten "Turned-on" I'm teaching her that I'm The BOSS.

"Down" Means "DOWN"

Enlarge photo 5
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1st - I use 15' to 20' foot x 1" pvc with a Cap on each end to protect the dog.

Never hit your dog with the pvc - use it to nudge your dog to where you want it.
I also have an Eye on one end so I can snap it to a dog coller if needd be. (use for dog that don't want to respond to a Gentle Nudge)

Enlarge photo 6
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Learning Respect for the Pole
Put the pole in her face and she'll start to learn the "Back" or "Back-off" Command
All pole corrections are given with your verbal COMMAND

I let the new dog pick their own Direction and give it the "Command" that fits what that dog is doing.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 100KB, 640x448
Things Cool Off
About 15 minutes in to Training
She is starting to get the idea

You can teach a "Head Dog" to Heal BUT it hard to Teach a "Heel Dog" to "Head"

"Head Dog" turn the stock and Fetch (bring) them to you.

They can be taught to Drive stock away from you in time

Heel Dogs will Drive stock off (away from you)
They are good where you can set the Gates and let the dog move the stock (with No Commands) other than Sick'm

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 80KB, 640x450
(Get Around) or (WayTo) (GO BY)
My friend is working a bitch that has 2 hour of training on her.

At this point I use 3 Commands
"Get Around" (letting it pick the direction)  Use THAT Drections Command

["Way-To Me" (Way to) or "Go Right" (counter-clockwise)]

["Go Bye ME" (GO BY) or Go Left (Clockwise) would be the Commands]

She is on the fence keeping the animals between her and the Handler (Point of Balance)
A "Head Dog" will bring the animals TO the Handler.

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 66KB, 640x439
Her Mind Starts to Click
She has figured out what is expected.
Average time 25 minutes

The pole was never used to hit her - I Just use it to push/Nudge her where I wanted her.

She is still picking her own directions - NOW I step in front of her and place the pole in front of her face to make her change direction as I give her the right Command for that New Direction - Keeping her on Balance.

Balance ='s the dog keeping the animals balanced between you and them.
Like a clock - 12 would be you, 6 would be the dog, the hands connect at balance

Note: I have gotten rid of the Pole and she is taking Directions.

At this point I start raising my left or right arm and or use a whistle to teach the direction..

Enlarge photo 10
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"Get Around" or "Go-by"
The Command is - "Get Around" or in this case it could be "Go By" (Clockwise)
This bitch is getting it.  
She will force her way through (between the fence and stock) to bring the animals (off the fence) to the Handler.

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 90KB, 640x446
Oval Training Pen
100' roll x 4' non-clime makes up 3 sides of an oval Training Pen (No Corners)
Burlap covers the sheep holding pens so sheep being worked can not see sheep in the pens.
There is Water and Feed in the Holding Pens.
You will note that all pens are under Big Walnut Shade Trees to help keep animals Cooler.

Enlarge photo 12
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014 2 1
Medford Oregon Fair Grounds
Bob Carrillo's Kelpie Head Dog doing a good job.

Enlarge photo 13
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Head or Heard Dogs Naturally Tends to Brings the Stock to the Handler
Heal dogs tend to Drive the Stock Away from the Handler
Head Dogs can be taught to Drive but Drive Dog  seldom Learn to Head

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 79KB, 640x427
015 3 1
Bob Carrilo (sp) working a Kelpie
"Head Dogs" or "Heard Dogs" follows the Handler with the Livestock working with no commands

Bob has 100's of head of sheep - One day we were in 500 Acres - when we could just see the stock he cast his dog out - as we walked and talk the dog followed us with the sheep  - we stopped at a creek to water and the dog waited - as we got close to the barn Bod said "Take Them Home" his dog put the sheep in a corral and laid in the Gate.

Enlarge photo 15
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A good Dog has the force to push the livestock towards the  next gate!

This stock was not Dog Broke and was tough to work

Enlarge photo 16
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And Quietly force the livestock into and through the gate!

Enlarge photo 17
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009 1 1
Then deliver the livestock out the other side

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 90KB, 640x427
Malards tend to work fast and split-up. Note the duck behind the pannel.

Not Pictured Here:
I prefure to use Indian Runner Ducks - they work slower and tend to group-up and turn like schools of fish.
Their great for training

Enlarge photo 19
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Malard Ducks
Malard Ducks tend to get excited, flap their wings and split up causing dogs to get excited.

Enlarge photo 20
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011 4
Lonnie and Sid
Sid has just brought the stock (Ducks) out of the pen.

Enlarge photo 21
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Scan0065 0065 1

Enlarge photo 22
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Scan0021 0021

Enlarge photo 23
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What the Hell are these things?
Starting a dog

Enlarge photo 24
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045 3
These sheep are Wild and Flighty - I put Melody Down and waited/hoped for the stock to settle down

Enlarge photo 25
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043 1
Working them slow and from a distance

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 75KB, 640x427
044 2
I let Melody use me as a Post to work the sheep off of

Melody and I are one of three entries who got all the sheep through all the gates

Enlarge photo 27
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Enlarge photo 28
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Enlarge photo 29
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Enlarge photo 30
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Enlarge photo 31
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Enlarge photo 32
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Enlarge photo 33
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Enlarge photo 34
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Enlarge photo 35
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Enlarge photo 36
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A Friend - Dave Mason - Cleaned Up at a Trial at Casa De Fruta

Enlarge photo 37
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Enlarge photo 38
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Enlarge photo 39
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Working Dog People had a Wild Pig Xmas BBQ

Enlarge photo 40
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Jim and I were the Cooks

It was not all work
We did some cutting up too

Enlarge photo 41
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And another BBQ

Enlarge photo 42
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V_Key and Dog Cart

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