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Lila McCann
Country Singing Star Lila McCann
A Nice Person On A To Short Day
Date(s): May 13, 2006. Album by Vickey Gothot. Photos by V_Key or Dad. 1 - 25 of 25 Total. 1602 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
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Lila McCann
My meeting with a very nice woman Lila!

Photo FL000018

Enlarge photo 2
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Lila McCann
All Photo's are ©2006 by
"Vickey's CatchPen Gazette"

Enlarge photo 3
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News Paper Artical
I Started "Vickey's CatchPen Gazette"© When I Was 13 Years Old.
Didn't Know What I Was Doing but I Learn Qiuck!

"I started Vickey's CATCHPEN Gazette ..."
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Enlarge photo 4
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067 11A
Lila and I are about the same age.

Lila's mother asked if I would sit on their bus and talk with Lila.
I was More Than Happy to!
I understand what it is like to have adults around you all the time everywhere I go.
Dad encourages me to

Enlarge photo 5
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067 19
Lila is very nice and we had fun Doing Girl Talk for a day

Enlarge photo 6
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056 1A
On the Bus it was just two girls doing Girl Stuff

I was Happy to be With Her and I didn't pester her with Fan Stuff

Enlarge photo 7
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057 5A
By This Time I had seen many Famous People
I was torn between being a
Fan, Reporter, Editor or just a Friendly Face

Enlarge photo 8
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058 4A
I'm Learning "They" (the Famous) tend to have a wants and needs for just "Friendly Faces"

Enlarge photo 9
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066 12A
In some ways I was Upset with myself for not Tending To Business but...
Inside I was happy to respected HER needs

Enlarge photo 10
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072 14A
She puts on a Out Standing Show
It's hard to do her Justic with these Photo's

Enlarge photo 11
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065 13A

Enlarge photo 12
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068 10A

Enlarge photo 13
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064 6A
And Her Voice...

Enlarge photo 14
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063 7A

Enlarge photo 15
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062 8A

Enlarge photo 16
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060 2A

Enlarge photo 17
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059 3A

Enlarge photo 18
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063 15

Enlarge photo 19
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062 16
Lila waves Good Buy to the Audience
I'm still having ± feelings about my actions

"Did she sing "Down comes a blac..."
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Enlarge photo 20
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064 14
As Lila's bus was leaveing she had them stop
Got off her bus and gave me a big hug/thank you!

And we HAD our "PR Moment"

Enlarge photo 21
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074 20A
We talk Business and she reads my paper

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 76KB, 640x427
075 19A
Lila Signing My Paper
Vickey's CatchPen Gazette©

Friends at Work

Enlarge photo 23
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073 21A
I gave their a gift - I try to gave gifts to give all the Stars to break the ice.

Enlarge photo 24
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079 22A
What Else - Garlic!
From the
Garlic Shoppe

Enlarge photo 25
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077 24A
After All - I am from
"The Garlic Capitol of the World"
Gilroy, Ca.

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