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4-H/FFA Life
My 4-H/FFA Life, Exchange Trips, Petting Zoos, Awards and more
Date(s): April 26, 2006. Album by Vickey Gothot. Photos by V_Key/Dad. 1 - 58 of 58 Total. 4174 Visits.
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!! Your PET Dogs Kill !!
(3) Stray, loose dogs got into our pet Ducks and killed 10 the first time, 7 this time.
Dad tried to follow the dog all over going home but lost them.

Enlarge photo 5
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This time Dad Tagged (shot) the lead bitch in the Ham String with my 22 rifle.  
They made a Bee-Line for home (1/2 Mile)
Dad questioned the man in their yard.
"Not My Dog _ it was in the house with me and just came out".

Enlarge photo 6
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Dad said _ "If I were you I take the dog laying on the Porch to the Vet.  It Licking it Ass where I Shot It".

"You shot MY DOG?"
""NO I SHOT THAT DOG _ Yours was In the house with you!""

Enlarge photo 7
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Stray Family Dog chew the leg OFF this $2500. Ram while he was alive.  Dad had to put him Down!  California Law allows for 2X Damages = $5000.

Enlarge photo 8
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Stray Family Dog cost their owner $5000.00.
Plus they had to  put cyclone fencing around 5 acres.  Dogs dug out and were shot a week later.

Enlarge photo 9
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CoCo my Money Making Milk Goat
2lbs Cheese per day @ $10+ per Lb (4H Donation)

Enlarge photo 10
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Bath Time
My steer tied to my Equipment Mover and being wet down

Enlarge photo 11
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Aggie kid Learning to drive.
Driving Tractor in MY first Hay Field.
My FFA 15 acre Hay Project.

Enlarge photo 12
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The Dust was bad

Enlarge photo 13
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This 5 acre field is not as dusty

Enlarge photo 14
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Enlarge photo 15
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Enlarge photo 16
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First disking is not as dusty

Enlarge photo 17
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One Ton (in Sacks) of my "Custom Steer Feed Mix" - At feeding time I ad  Wet Beat Pulp and "Brewers Grain" (WBG) that was used to make beer.
(I get the WBG for Free from Coastal Range Beer)

"You mean "Beet Pulp"????"
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Enlarge photo 18
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Judge looks my heifer over

Enlarge photo 19
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Lady and I
Dad made my Show Halter

Enlarge photo 20
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My Heifer "Lady" needs Fly Spray

Enlarge photo 21
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Jim Warren - Co-Owner -
101 Livestock Market
Is a BIG 4-H/FFA Backer - -
With his help I bought all my Markey Steers through the Auction
I was allowed to sort through 100's of head to judge and pick-out my steers - for this I paid 1¢ per lb extra over the lots price

Enlarge photo 22
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Don Silacci giving me THE First Place  Carcass Class Award
My Angus Market Steer Won a Blue Ribbon and Places Third Over All at Halter then Won the "Carcass Class" at the Fair - Yea Angus!

Enlarge photo 23
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With "Vickey's Catch Pen Gazette" and it's Business Plan I won 2nd Place in the
National FFA's 2000 Entrepreneurship  Contest

Enlarge photo 24
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Just a Photo of a Flower Flag

Enlarge photo 25
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National Convention Speaker
Danny Glover

Enlarge photo 26
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The Silacci’s Feed Barn/Silacci Farms/Don Silacci helped support my 4-H, FFA Projects.
Don's crew Cut, Bailed and Roadsided my Hay

Enlarge photo 27
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View of the Misissippi from our room @ the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky (National FFA Convention)

Enlarge photo 28
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I asked Marc to buy my lamb
(Me - Marc and his family) they are Vegans.
Marc is the Attorney for the Water District.

Marc  Donated the Lambs meat back to our 4H Club for a Raffle

Enlarge photo 29
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FFA National's

Enlarge photo 30
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Note the Green Drawing Can with the Raffle Tickets

Enlarge photo 31
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A simple Thank You to your Buyer means so much.
Total cost is less than $5.00

Enlarge photo 32
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I won 1st place in the California State FFA Ag Entrepreneurship Contest – 2nd at the National Level

Enlarge photo 33
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My Cattle set-up a Santa Clara County Fair

Enlarge photo 34
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Santa Clara Co. Fair
Dad told me that the first Animal through a Auction OFTEN Sells Cheap.
"I" Stole this Reg. Heifer for 2 cents per lb under Market Price - I sold her at this Fair for Good Money.

Enlarge photo 35
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Tack Area

Enlarge photo 36
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My Angus Hefier "Lady" and me

Enlarge photo 37
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California Award Banquet _ From here we went to the National FFA Covention at Louisville

Enlarge photo 38
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FFA State Farmer Award

Enlarge photo 39
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Catch Pen Media covered
Californis Cattle PAC "96"
at the Harris Ranch on highway 5

Enlarge photo 40
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Big Basin
My 4H Exchange Friend Rebekah (on Left, from Maryland) and I _ 1999

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Enlarge photo 48
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Enlarge photo 49
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Rebekah is one of my Best Friends _ She has been to California 2 times and I have been to Maryland 3 times _ I look forward to seeing her this year - 2007

Enlarge photo 50
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Enlarge photo 51
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We are in a Live burnt out Tree - a quick afternoon trip from Santa Cruz

Enlarge photo 52
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Cotton Rosser (on right) of Flying ~U~ Rodeos is a BIG Backer of the Jr. Livestock Auction at the Cow Palace

Enlarge photo 53
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Cotton Rosser (on right) and ~U~ Rodeos are a BIG Backer of the Jr. Livestock Auction at Cow Palace

Enlarge photo 54
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My Friend
John (Yohn) the Autioneer

Enlarge photo 55
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Rodeo Producer "Cotton Rosser" works hard to find Buyers to support the Juniors Livestock Auction.
Thank You Cotton!

Enlarge photo 56
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Enlarge photo 57
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The Pork Producers support their own at Cow Palace Auction

Enlarge photo 58
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Gilroy, Ca. FFA Chapter Pen of Five - 1956
Dad is on the left, his middle weight steer is next held by Bob Felix.

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