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Date(s): 2006. 1 - 12 of 12 Total. Shared
Unforgettable in 2006
1. Unforgettable in 2006  (2006)
Unforgettable in 2006.

Just a nice looking Hosta.

Unforgettable was a bonus plant from Bob Kuk in 2004.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

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Top Ten on 3-12-07
2. Top Ten on 3-12-07 
Top ten favorite Hostas, of mine, as of 3-12-07 (my favorites change daily/hourly); however, 3/12/07 is etched in stone.

Click-on a picture to enlarge it.

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Plant Orders in 2006
3. Plant Orders in 2006  (2006)
Plant orders in 2006.

Completed Orders:
   Hirt's Gardens eBay,
   Blufox2020 eBay,
   Aren't I Pretty Daylilies,
   New Hampshire Hostas,
   Cpfi eBay,
   Hostabargains eBay,
   Hilltop Farms,
   Direct Source Hostas,
   Browns Ferry Gardens,
   Touch of Nature,
   rjbjohnson eBay.

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October '06
4. October '06  (October, 2006)
October '06

23 degrees on 10/12/06 - looks dismal outside.

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September, 2006
5. September, 2006  (September, 2006)
September '06

Marie & Harvey Henjum visited our gardens on Sunday, September 17th.

We had ice in the bird bath on the deck on 9/20/06 (the bird bath is about 8 feet off the ground)!

We saw our last Hummingbirds of the season on September 21st. We were out of town for a few days after the 21st and have not seen any Hummingbirds since we returned.

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August '06
6. August '06  (August, 2006)
August '06

We got hail on August 24th. It put a lot of holes in the Hosta leaves, especially the larger Hostas. At least it didn't total any vehicles like my brother's vehicle in Northfield (they had grapefruit sized hail).

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July '06
7. July '06  (July, 2006)
July '06

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June '06
8. June '06  (June, 2006)
June '06

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May '06
9. May '06  (May, 2006)
May '06

Saw our first Hummingbird on May 21.

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April '06
10. April '06  (April, 2006)
April '06

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11. Seedlings  (2006)

Started seed from SeedSeller1 on January 19: Let's Streak (white & dark pods), Invincible & Salute. Also planted my own seeds from Sea Grotto, Spilt Milk, Fragrant Blue, Unforgettable & Color Glory.

On February 14, I planted more Sea Grotto, Blue Mammoth, & Fragrant Blue.

On March 11, gave some Sea Grotto, Blue Mammoth and Fragrant Blue seedlings to sister Tami.

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Spring Progression 2006
12. Spring Progression 2006  (2006)
Spring Progression - 2006.

South suburb of Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota.

Click on a picture to get a larger pic.

There were a few Hosta eyes popping up on April 20th when I started taking outdoor photos.

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