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Date(s): 2005. 1 - 13 of 13 Total. Shared
Temporary Backyard Pics
1. Temporary Backyard Pics  (2005)
Pics showing the size of the backyard.

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Flowers for Hostapix
2. Flowers for Hostapix  (July/August, 2005)
Flowers for Hostapix.

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Plant Orders in 2005
3. Plant Orders in 2005  (2005)
Plant orders in 2005.

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Cowboy's Slug Cafes
4. Cowboy's Slug Cafes  (May 19-24, 2005)
Cowboy's Slug Cafes - Sliding Room Only!

Since the cafes were opened, the amount of Sluggo I have used in each cafe has been reduced. Only about a half-dozen Sluggo pellets are used in each cafe. The reason for this is the chipmunks like to get into the cafes if very much Sluggo is used. I get rid of the chipmunks (relocated to a beautiful park) and place a rock on top of the cafes if they are broken into. The good thing is if a chipmunk or other critter breaks into a cafe, not very much Sluggo is lost.

The cafes are used to keep the Sluggo drier, longer. Haven't had to use much Sluggo each year and have kept the slugs under control using a minimum amount of Sluggo.

In 2009, I put baskets over the saucers to keep other critters out. The baskets are staked down with plant stakes. Since doing this, no critter has raided any slug cafe.

I have also used ammonia spray (10% ammonia/90% water) first thing in the morning to kill the slugs. I don't have to do this very often. In 2014, I got a headlight so I can hunt the slugs during the night. The ratio of ammonia/water has been increased to roughly a 50/50 mix with no adverse affects on the Hostas.

The combination of Cowboy slug cafes and the ammonia spray have kept the slug population down.

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Green Katydid
5. Green Katydid  (September 16, 2005)
Rudy identified this creature as a Green Katydid.

It looks like it is just emerging from something.

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November '05
6. November '05  (November, 2005)
November '05

We have our first snow on Tuesday, 11/15 (about an inch). High winds, the water in the bird bath froze in a wavy pattern.

On Tuesday, 11/22 I saw a Pileated Woodpecker in the trees  behind the gardens in the backyard.

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October '05
7. October '05  (October, 2005)
October '05.

It was 85 degrees on Monday, October 3 and we set a record high low temperature for any October with a low temperature of 72 degrees.

On Tuesday, October 4 we had about 5" of rain.

On Friday morning (10/7) we just about hit freezing. Some of the tomato plants had frost damage. The bird bath on the deck was frozen solid. A frost warning was given for Friday morning; however, Thursday was overcast all day and the clouds stayed longer through the night helping to preserve the plants.

Saturday morning (10/8) we had freeze warnings. Friday was clear all day with a high of 50 degrees. Friday night was clear; however, the temps only got down to 35 degrees.

Friday, 10/14/05 got into chat and had a great time. It seemed like no time had passed at all since visiting with friends. I wish I could remember jokes like they can.

Monday, October 24 Took some pictures; however the number of plants not looking totally ragged has dwindled. This may be the last day for any halfway decent pictures.

Tuesday, October 25 - we got down to 29 degrees. This could be the end of the Hostas for this year.

Monday October 31, there is a lot of gold-colored Hostas these days. Took some pictures of the non-gold Hostas.

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September '05
8. September '05  (September, 2005)
September '05.

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August '05
9. August '05  (August, 2005)
August '05.

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July '05
10. July '05  (July, 2005)
July '05.

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June '05
11. June '05  (June, 2005)
June '05.

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May '05
12. May '05  (May, 2005)
May '05.

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April '05
13. April '05  (April, 2005)
April '05.

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