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Lynch-Pulliam Edit
Mr. Howard Lynch: Tascosa High School’s First Principal

Dr. Lynn Pulliam: Current Tascosa High School Principal
"In the 50 year history of Tascosa High School, Dr. Pulliam becomes the 6th principal of Tascosa High School. Mr. Howard Lynch 1958-1967 Mr. J.E. Fergason 1967-1975 Mr. Gerald Nipp 1975-1990 (Inducted into the Rebel Hall of Fame in 1999) Mr. Gerald Boyer 1990-1996 Mr. Bob Daniel 1996-2008 Dr. Lynn Pulliam 2008- Dr. Pulliam’s father was a student at Tascosa High School in 1958 when the school first opened. His wife Lawana is the assistant principal at Sanborn Elementary. He has a son; Stephen, age 7 and a daughter; Clara, age 3." --Admin, 03/19/09
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