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"Our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery are with Vickie and family" --Rex, 08/02/05
"Dear Classmates: During the early morning hours of July 22nd, my dear friend of 52 years and your dear friend, Vicky Barrett, suffered a stroke. The stroke has left her with paralysis on her left side—arm and leg. The good news is that the nerves are still working and she can feel hot and cold, scratches, tickles, etc. Evidently the heart is not the problem—according to the physician; the stroke was the result of a release of excess build up in her veins. For those who know her well, she is tenacious in her rehabilitation. As Rob (her husband) told me the first two days, she kept saying to her limp left arm---“move---I said move”. I can expect that most of you can see her doing that. It has only been a week and with their permission, I am letting you know that she is ill and recuperating. On Tuesday, she was moved to the rehabilitation center. The address is Health South Rehabilitation Hospital, 7000 Jefferson, N. E., Albuquerque, N.M. 87109. Her home address is 4020 Stowe road, N.W., Albuquerque, N. M. 87114. If you wish to send her an e-mail—send it to me and I will forward it. Within the next two to three weeks, I will give you an address so that you can e-mail her directly. As you might expect, her husband is a little over-whelmed. He and I decided that if you send your e-mails to me, I will send them on to him. In the next few weeks, we will make other arrangements so that you can communicate directly to her by e-mail. Having been connected with Vicky and Rob over many years, I can tell you that they have a unique relationship. One I always referred to as he is the one side and she is the other---together they represent a whole. The ultimate relationship everyone wishes to have.. Currently, Rob is the one that is primarily connected with Vicky during the rehabilitation although her son and daughter were both there and with her during the first week—that was only last weekend. Next Tuesday there is a meeting of doctors and physical therapists to discuss the prognosis for her recovery. Knowing her as well as I do, I expect her to exceed their expectations. I encourage you to send her cards and letters---send me e-mails and I will forward on to Rob. Her daughter will be giving updates on her progress two-three times a week, once she gets organized. They will be sending this information to me and I will forward it on to all of you. Once Melinda (her daughter) gets organized, I will set it up so that Melinda sends the information directly to you. You can call me on my cell (209) 401-8727, leave me a message on my home phone (415) 209-6551, business, 415-883-6014 or just e-mail me if the information you need is not in this communication. Please send to my dear friend and yours—our prayers and thoughts of true support and love so that she gets much better quickly. As always, Brenda Pugh Roberts –email---Bproberts" --Brenda Pugh Roberts, 08/02/05
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