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The Academy of Tejano Artists & Musician's Annual Superdance at Bally's Casino was the place to be this past weekend!  The Academy showcased a star studded line-up with awesome Tejano and Conjunto music each night. It was nice hearing Los Dudes whom we had never heard live before as well as the Hometown Boys who have added new members to their group.  Awesome, awesome music!!
We can't wait 'till next year's show which is already being planned.
Shout Outs to Rick Balderrama & Chaz, Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox, the Tucson crew and TDK!
We hope you enjoy the pics.  Till next time...
Date(s): July 17 & 18, 2009. Album by Gloria Tapia. Photos by Gloria & Eddie. 199 - 264 of 264 Total.
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