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gallery of designs. some are one-time-only, some can be closely re-created!

theresa a. mahoney 2017
Date(s): 2009. Album by theresa a. mahoney copyright 2005--2017. Photos by theresa a. mahoney copyright 2005--2017. 1 - 50 of 50 Total.
Enlarge photo 1
'Peachy Sunshine' Child's dragonfly necklace-has peachy pink 'pearls', yellow AB, crystal AB, glass buttercup yellow, beads and goldtone wire. Inquire about similiar designs. Matching dragonfly ring also available-contact me to have a set created for you!

Enlarge photo 2
'Fuchia Flutter' Child's dragonfly necklace-composed of beads in colors of fuchia AB, matte mossy green, crystal AB, glass medium green, and goldtone wire, with matching dragonfly ring-this one is gone, but please contact me to inquire about similiar designs.

Enlarge photo 3
'Bitty Blue' A child's dragonfly necklace of various blues, crystals, and silvertone wire-this one has flown away, but please contact me to inquire about creating similiar designs for you!

Enlarge photo 4
'Little Princess' Child's beaded necklace-crystal AB rounds,  AB bicones, fauceted ovals, in pinks, fushias, and crystal-sparkles like diamonds! Strung on silk thread. This one just looks so lady-like!  A commission for a 6 year old little lady for Christmas, this one is gone, but contact me to have a similiar design created for you!

Enlarge photo 5
Dragonfly Hoops-GONE!!
Medium sized goldtone hoops sport black acrylic AB beaded dragonflies-real little beauties--Mix and match them with other items in same colors or with more dragonflies flitting around your neck and hands! contact me about re-creating this design for you!  Rings and necklace with same design also available!

Enlarge photo 6
'Tribal Fun'GONE!
This is a funky, fun piece made up of assorted wooden and acrylic beads with two wooden animal charms, one large focal bead carved to resemble a tribal mask--This is a one-of-a-kind and I cannot re-create it, but if you admire the overall design and colors, contact me and I'll work on a similiar one for you!

Enlarge photo 7
'Wooden Circle' Medium to large wooden beads in assorted shapes taper to the wood hoop caging a hand wired vintage flower button-the gold tone wire supends the flower in the center of the hoop-purchase by itself or with the matching bracelet-this set is gone, and cannot be recreated, but a similiar design could be made-contact me for more information!

Enlarge photo 8
'Wooden Circle'
detail of hand wired hoop and flower pendant

Enlarge photo 9
'Wooden Circle' bracelet-wooden beads on stretchy cord with vintage flower bead-gone with the matching necklace, but I can design a similiar one for you if you contact me!

Enlarge photo 10
Allison's Hoops
made for a little 'girly girl' Swarovski crystals wrapped with 14KGF dangle from 14KGF hand created hoops

Enlarge photo 11
Allison's Danglies
14KGF hand created hoops with Swarovski crystals flash and sparkle

Enlarge photo 12
'Black n White n Red' this 3 piece set is made up of large red 'pearls' smaller creamy white 'pearls' and black beads all on golden colored wire-expensive look at inexpensive price! GONE!
This set is gone, but the color combo can be all yours in a similiar design! just contact me!

Enlarge photo 13
'Black n White n Pink' a set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings with small white 'pearls' black beads and larger pink 'pearls' for accent color-all on goldtone wire-a very soft feminine look! This set has moved away, but you can have a similiar one by contacting me!

Enlarge photo 14
'Black n White n Blue' Necklace and earring set of 'pearls',  turquoise and black colored beads, all on gold tone wire-flat 'turquoise' center bead on necklace. This set is no longer available, but if the colors speak to you, just contact me and I'll design a similiar one for you!

Enlarge photo 15
'Day and Night' A necklace and earring set created with small white 'pearls' interspersed with sparkling black AB beads-necklace features a hand created clasp of matching components-earrings are hand wired to surgical steel wires-this set will get many compliments! Gone! Gone! Gone!  you can contact me about creating a similiar set if you like this one!

Enlarge photo 16
GONE!!! 'Springtime Crystals' this set is composed of spring green beads, larger center bead, acrylic clear AB crystals, all hand wired to a golden firago design chain- 16"--matching earrings on golden wires complete the set-THIS SET IS GONE-but I will be happy to create a similiar design for you if you contact me!

Enlarge photo 17
Copper Charm
Copper wire frame, with hand wrapped seed beads that move freely--these can be worn as jewelry, or made into sun snatching mobiles

Enlarge photo 18
Copper Charms
made for a charm swap-copper wire, rocalle beads-quarter shows actual size of charm-this design can be re-created for you, just contact me with your choice of color!

Enlarge photo 19
Charms for Swap
copper wire circles with assorted tiny beads-attached with 26G copper wire-these have found other homes, but I can re-create them with your choice of colors and in sterling silver or 14KGF if you like!

Enlarge photo 20
Copper Charms
Copper wire circles with pastel beads attached with 26G copper wire-these can be re-created in either the copper or sterling silver or 14K Gold Filled wire-contact me for your design choices!

Enlarge photo 21
'Crystal Dragonfly'-Three piece set-belt loop, ring, earrings.Acrylic and glass beads assembled with gold tone wire- surgical steel earwires-this set is gone, but if you like it, e-mail me about creating one for you!

Enlarge photo 22
Black and Silver-obsidian arrow point with silvertone bar mount and detail-on silver and black silk cord--this one is no longer available, but a similiar design can be created for you! contact me for color choices

Enlarge photo 23
Little Miss Pinky-Ringlet-this was commisioned by a grandmother for her granddaughter's fifth birthday present! I had a difficult time parting with this little pretty-it was so dainty and delicate and darling! This one is gone-but I can create a similiar design so e-mail me for a creation to suit your dreams!

Enlarge photo 24
Ice Crystals--- ONE-OF-A-KIND!!! A bracelet with acrylic clear and AB crystal beads- large beads have rhinestones inset-two slivery heart charms all on a silvercolor bracelet that will adjust from 7" to 8"--'chatters' happily everytime you move your hand-Sorry, but this one now lives with my sister-in-law! contact me for creating a similiar design for you or your sister-in-law!

Enlarge photo 25
beginning framework for a larger yard ornament, I later added beadwork for a sparkling effect

Enlarge photo 26
detail of face, copper wire and beads, elements are all hnd wired instead of soldered-contact me for a design similiar to this one and be the envy of your neighbors!

Enlarge photo 27
Stone Solid S.R.S. necklace of hand wrapped wooden beads, brass pony beads, and a  natural river stone focal point-golden color wire-one-of-a-kind  this cannot be re-created, but a similiar design can be fashioned for you-contact me with your preferences!

Enlarge photo 28
Stone Solid S.R.S. detail of focal stone

Enlarge photo 29
Stone Solid S.R.S. bracelet created with hand wrapped wooden beads, brass pony beads, and a  natural river stone focalpoint, closes with a hand fashioned clasp-golden tone wire-this is gone with the necklace, but similiar designs can be fashioned-contact me about your choices!

Enlarge photo 30
Copper Connection II necklace is hand created from the coiled 'beads' and loops to the hook and loop clasp, cream wood and acrylic accent beads, lays just above the collar bone-this was a gift for a great pal, but I can do a similiar design if you desire! just e-mail me with details!

Enlarge photo 31
Copper Connection II bracelet is created with hand coiled 'beads, hook and loop clasp and displays the same cream wooden and acrylic beads as necklace-this bracelet went with the matching necklace to my gal-pal, but a similiar design can be created for you if you contact me about your preferences!

Enlarge photo 32
'Copper Connection' newest series-necklace of hammered copper, square green glass accent beads-hand fashioned copper coiled beads and clasp --set consists of necklace, earrings, bracelet--
this is a one-of-a-kind set, and   gone-but you can contact me about creating a similiar design for you or a friend!

Enlarge photo 33
'Copper Connection' detail of pendant on necklace

Enlarge photo 34
'Copper Connection' earrings-mounted on surgical steel earwires

Enlarge photo 35
'Golden Dangle' 3 piece set-Necklace and bracelet are composed of large shiny black beads with smaller 'pearls' hand wired with golden wire and chains-necklace features a large black bead dangling from golden chain-earrings in matching beads on goldtone wires-gone!

Enlarge photo 36
'Golden Dangle' bracelet detail-part of 3 piece set-that has found a new home!

Enlarge photo 37
'Emerald Pearl' Bracelet and matching earrings of faux pearls and emerald green glass beads all on golden wire-earrings feature a hand wired design of loops that is repeated on the bracelet-for those times when you want just a spark of color! This set also matches the dragonfly pin shown elsewhere-These lovelies are no longer available, but I can re-created them at your request!

Enlarge photo 38
'Crystal Cream' Alas,GONE!
This lariat necklace and matching earrings are much more lovely in hand than the photo shows-the creamy softness of the 'pearls' is broken by the sparkle of the diamond shaped crystals-the ends feature large 'pearls' and squared crystals all on golden hoops and loops-earrings are matching components and suspended from goldtone wires--Classic look! Contact me for a design similiar to this one!

Enlarge photo 39
'Crystal Cream'
detail of necklace ends

Enlarge photo 40
Dragonfly Ringlet
this ring, bracelet, hand ornament combo is in shades of green and green AB beads, assembled with goldtone wire and clasp-Color matching earrings included free! This one requires attitude to wear! GONE! Contact me for similiar design!

Enlarge photo 41
Lizard 'Ringlet' GONE!
This is a fun little piece-a ring, bracelet and hand ornament all in one-fashioned from acrylic beads in various shades of green assembled with goldtone wire and clasp.
Matching colored earrings on surgical steel wires-free with purchase--contact me for re-creating a design like this for you!

Enlarge photo 42
Fun! FlutterFlies! GONE!
Little beaded dragonfly rings! They look so happy fluttering on your fingers (or toes!) Each one is unique in style and components, all are from glass and/or acrylic beads, gold or silver tone wire. Get several small pins to match and scatter around your neckline. Be ready for warmer days by having several of these little beauties ready to flash and fly!  Rings average size 7-8. Pins approx. 2" by 2 1/2" Contact me about getting your own flock of fluttery dragonflies!

Enlarge photo 43
Cocoa Drops-GONE!
Tiny dark brown hex mettalic beads on goldtone wire dangling from  surgical steel hooks-flash and fire when the light hits these!
contact me about creating a set for you, and don't forget to request the coordinating necklace!

Enlarge photo 44
'Springtime Feather' GONE!
This 2-piece set consists of pearlized oval beads in a soft apricot color, round matt summer green beads, one hand created paper focal bead from which hangs a feather shaped apricot colored pendant with wire wrapped summer green large oval bead-gold tone findings and wires on earrings and necklace. If you would like a similiar design, contact me

Enlarge photo 45
Detail: close up of unique wire design for earrings

Enlarge photo 46
'Springtime' GONE!!
This set is composed of softly colored leafy green beads and faux pearls all on gold color mountings-necklace is 16" with wire wrapped pendant-approx 1 3/4"--matching earrings feature a leaf bead with 'pearl' accent on golden wires-feminine and classic look! If this design tickles your fancy, contact me about designing a similiar one for you!

Enlarge photo 47
'Wooden Arrow'
necklace and earrings
A mixture of wooden and acrylic beads, frame a wire wrapped quartz arrowhead from gary l. mahoney, rock chipping unlimited
toggle clasp-matching earrings on silver color

Enlarge photo 48
Pearlized Flight
faux pearls formed into the shape of a dragonfly-emerald glass bead eyes and accent flower

Enlarge photo 49
Lin-Lin GONE!
2-piece set
Five inches of lucious lizard! this one has white freshwater pearls, Swarovski Crystal pearls in various sizes to create a dimensional effect-Swarovski emerald crystals for eyes,all hand wired with 14KGF wire-mounted onto goldplated pin back--hand wrapped earrings are 14KGF earwires and wrapping wire with Swarovski pearls and crystals.
Contact me about trapping your own 'Lin-Lin' and matching earrings!

Enlarge photo 50
GONE!'Cool Steel' Steely gray-blue and silver tone set- Necklace composed of large silvery gray faux pearls,  gunmetal blue acrylic beads, silver tone accents-with 2 1/2"silvery pendant-approx. 24" overall length-matching earrings on silver tone lever back hoops--SORRY!! THIS ONE CAN'T BE DUPLICATED!! IF YOU LIKE THE COLORS, CONTACT ME FOR A CUSTOM DESIGN!


custom designs available