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Supplex55 Wrestling Territories Album
1. Supplex55 Wrestling Territories Album 
This album contains photos from various regional wrestling territories including the classic Vincent J. McMahon owned World Wide Wrestling Federation. WWWF photos range from 1963 to 1982 when the elder McMahon sold the Northeast based territory to his son Vincent K. McMahon. The WWWF was rebranded as the WWF in 1980. These photos are often called "Arena Promos" as they were sold at live event concession stands. Also included are photos from territories where the NWA Champion would defend his title (such as the WCCW, Mid-South, Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-Atlantic, and Florida amongst others). Finally, included are promos from the Verne Gagne owned Midwest territory:the AWA. These photos date from the 1950's thru the late 1980's when the NWA was rebranded as the WCW, and the AWA folded. As many of the photos have no identifying logos or copyrights, descriptions contain my best guess of the territory and year the photo was issued in. Vintage Ladies section added at end of album.
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Supplex55 WWF Promo Photos:Unnumbered
2. Supplex55 WWF Promo Photos:Unnumbered  
Unnumbered WWF Promotional photos beginning with 1983(these have no date)and running through 1993 (with just a handful afterward). This album contains photos largely from the Classic 1980's Era, as b/w WWF promos began to be P-numbered in 1990, with color promos following in 1992. By 1993, almost all WWF promo photos (both Color and B/W) were issued in the P-numbered series until it's demise in 2008. Pre-1989 b/w photos generally have a "newspaper use only" notation at the bottom as that was their purpose. Color unnumbered WWF promo photos date from 1984-1992 (with a handful afterward) as by 1992 they had largely been transfered to the P-series. 1984 color promos are 8x10 while the majority of the later color photos are slightly larger at 8.25x11. Color promos were used for promotional purposes such as signings, appearances or correspondences. If you have ones from this (my favorite) era available for sale, please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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Supplex55 WWF/WWE Promo Photos:P-Numbers
3. Supplex55 WWF/WWE Promo Photos:P-Numbers 
Old School P-series WWF/WWE promo photos 1990-2008. In 1990 the WWF began numbering their b/w promotional photos with a P-number on the right margin. Very few b/w photos produced after 1989 do not have a P-number. They began including color photos in 1992 and by 1993 virtually all WWF promo photos had a P-number. Discontinued in 2008, the P-Series is the most collected (and valuable) of all wrestling photos-some of the rarer photos of top stars have sold for hundreds of dollars in the past.
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Supplex55 WWE Current Promo Album 2008--
4. Supplex55 WWE Current Promo Album 2008-- 
This Album contains the current WWE issued unnumbered Promotional Photos produced following the end of the P-Series in 2008.
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Supplex55 WCW Promo Photo Album
5. Supplex55 WCW Promo Photo Album 
This album contains promo photos issued by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) beginning in November 1988, with it's purchase and rebranding by
Ted Turner from Jim Crockett (NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions), until it's purchase by the WWF in 2001. Promos from 1989-90 (and a few from 1991) do not have a copyright date (some do not even have the WCW logo), as that information does not begin appearing on the photos until 1991. Until 1999, color promos were rarely issued. Another oddity is that most promos prior to 1991 were 5x7 or 5x8 rather than the traditional 8x10 size. While WCW promos do not command the same prices that vintage WWF promos do (there are fewer hardcore collectors), they are every bit as tough to locate. If you have older 1989-1994 WCW-era promos available, please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com.
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Supplex55 ECW Promo Photo Album
6. Supplex55 ECW Promo Photo Album 
This album contains photos of the 1990's
Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion
run by Paul Heyman.
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Supplex55 TNA Impact Promo Photo Album
7. Supplex55 TNA Impact Promo Photo Album 
This Album contains TNA/Impact! promo
photos of former WWE/WCW wrestlers as  
well as TNA's Knockouts.
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Supplex55 Misc.Wrestling photo Album
8. Supplex55 Misc.Wrestling photo Album 
This album contains licensed photos produced by Photo File (and similar companies) that are made available for sale in mass produced quantities. They differ from promo photos as those were only available directly from the issuing Wrestling Organization (in limited amounts, often not available to the public other than through promotional appearances). It also contains photos that are produced by Wrestling Organizations (or wrestlers) in conjunction with their various marketing partners. They include photos that advertise wrestling-related products like Toys, Foods, Games, Records, Conventions, Movies and TV Networks.
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1960/70's Boyd Pierce Wrestling photos
9. 1960/70's Boyd Pierce Wrestling photos 
Sold by mail order in the 1960's and 1970's, these 3.5x5.5 postcard-sized photos depict many of the biggest stars of the pre-Hulkamania era.
Boyd Pierce was also a commentator/announcer in the Mid-South Wrestling territory. There is speculation that there may be over a thousand issued over the years. Also included on this page at the bottom are the 1980's Quebec magazine Lundi's 5x8 color photos. If you have any available please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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For Sale/Trade: WWF promos and programs
10. For Sale/Trade: WWF promos and programs 
Please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
if interested in any promos/magazines in this section. I am open to reasonable offers.
All are original issues unless noted.
Trade offers considered for promos i may be interested in.
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Wanted: WWE, WWF, TNA & WCW Promos
11. Wanted: WWE, WWF, TNA & WCW Promos 
I will pay absolutely TOP DOLLAR for these (originals only--no copies of any kind) as well as others i am seeking.
please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com if you have something you feel i may be interested in.
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WWF Arena Program Collection 1983-1998
12. WWF Arena Program Collection 1983-1998 
This is my collection of WWF-issued Arena Programs sold at live events throughout the country during the
Classic and New Generation eras of the company (1983-1998). Numbered #101-245, they were issued approximately 1 per month (bi-monthly from 1994 on) and included a paper insert with the wrestling
card for that venue it was sold at.
At the bottom of the page are my
Pay-per-view programs (Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series) through the end of the WWF in
2002. If you have one of the programs I am missing please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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WWF Magazine Collection 1983-1992
13. WWF Magazine Collection 1983-1992 
Here is my collection of classic WWF Magazines from the First Issue of WWF Victory Magazine (which ran for 2 issues in 1983) to the renaming
of the title as the WWF Magazine. The titles run from the emergence
of Hulk Hogan in 1984 to the close of the Classic WWF era in 1992 with his departure and the rise of the New Generation. Also included are other Classic WWF Publications:WWF Superstars Annuals, Wrestling Spotlight & WWF Official Biographies.  I have also put up pics of the classic WWF Arena Programs on a separate imageevent page--ENJOY!
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Supplex55 Pro Wrestling Card Collection
14. Supplex55 Pro Wrestling Card Collection 
Below is my collection of Pro Wrestling
Trading Card Sets ranging from the
1950's-thru present. I have selected
the most valuable, or attractive cards
in a given set to represent it. On a few of the smaller sets, I have included all of the cards in the scan.
My personal favorites are the 1986 Carnation, 1984-89 LJN, 1988-2007 Ice Cream and the 2005 Heritage autograph sets. I have included my wrestling autographed inserts at the bottom of the page (my favorites are the extremely limited 2016 Rhodes and Piper autographs released after their untimely deaths the previous year). None are for sale, the values assigned are for my heirs.
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1984-89 WWF LJN Wrestling Bio Cards
15. 1984-89 WWF LJN Wrestling Bio Cards 
Released on the back packaging of the 1984-89 LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars action figures, these cards were issued over 6 series, 4 Tag Team boxes and 2 16" figure boxes. Some are particularly tough as they appeared on the packing of very rare figures like Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior. This is the complete set of 68 photo variations--there are text variations as well in the titles and bios (some are French/English as the card/figure was released in Canada).
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1964-65 Topps NHL Hockey set
16. 1964-65 Topps NHL Hockey set 
My favorite Hockey set of all time. Raw set grades about Ex-Mt (some better) with only #59 grading VG. There are 11 challenging short-printed cards in each of the 1rst Series (1-55) and the tougher 2nd Series (56-110).
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1965 Topps AFL Football set
17. 1965 Topps AFL Football set 
My raw set of one of the most iconic Football sets Topps ever produced:The 1965 AFL "Tall Boys". Set grades about Ex/Mt (or better) with the usual centering issues on many of the cards and is highlighted by Joe Namath's Rookie Card (#122).
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Supplex55 NHL Vintage Hockey Card Sets
18. Supplex55 NHL Vintage Hockey Card Sets 
Here is a sampling of some of my rare NHL trading card sets. None are for
sale, but it is my hope that other collectors will enjoy the peek at my collection. I have selected 7 "type cards"of the top stars from each of the vintage sets i have, to best represent the style and personality of the 1951-72 era. Card sets after 1972 will be represented by a single scan of a key card and or inserts from that particular set. Enjoy!
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Supplex55 NHL Team Issue Postcard sets
19. Supplex55 NHL Team Issue Postcard sets   
This is my collection of various team issued card and postcard sets. Largely composed of teams I have enjoyed
watching over the years--particularly my childhood favorite Boston Bruins, home state Ducks (and Sharks & Kings) and the great Oilers, Canadiens, Avalanche and Penguins Dynasties. I find these tough regional sets so much more interesting than the sets produced for large scale distribution (in Canada and the USA).
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1966-1975 Boston's Big Bad Bruins
20. 1966-1975 Boston's Big Bad Bruins 
This Album contains my trading card and team issued postcard sets from the Bobby Orr led "Big Bad Bruins". The Era begin in 1966 with the debut of Orr and the arrival one year later of Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield in a trade with Chicago. The era ended in 1975-76 when both he and Esposito played their last games for the Bruins. Boston would win the Stanley Cup in 1970 and 72 (with Orr the MVP both times), while losing in the finals in 74. Orr would win 2 scoring titles, 3 straight MVPs, and 8 consecutive top defenseman awards.  Phil Esposito led the league in goals for 6 straight years (while also winning 5 scoring titles and 2 MVPs). Other Hall of Famers on the team were John Bucyk, and Gerry Cheevers.
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1970's Scotty Bowman Montreal Canadiens
21. 1970's Scotty Bowman Montreal Canadiens 
This Album contains my trading card and team issued postcard sets of the powerful Montreal Canadiens of the 1970's. Perhaps the deepest and most dominant team of all time, the Habs would win 6 Stanley Cups in 9 years, including 4 straight (1976-1979) to close the decade. Scotty Bowman would take over the defending cup champions in the 1971-72 season and helm them to 5 more cups before leaving the team after the 1978-79 season. The loss of Bowman, along with the retirements of Dryden, Lemaire and Cournoyer signaled the end of the Dynasty. Hall of Fame contributors on the team include: Guy Lafleur (3 scoring tiles, 2 MVPs and a playoff MVP), Larry Robinson (2 top defenseman awards and a playoff MVP), Ken Dryden (5 top goaltender awards and a playoff MVP), Yvan Cournoyer (1 playoff MVP award), Steve Shutt (led league w/60 goals in 1977), Jacques Lemaire (2 cup winning goals, playoffs scoring leader in 1979 and 8 cups in 12 years with the team), Guy Lapointe, Serge Savard, and Bob Gainey. HOFers Henri Richard, Jacques Laperriere, Jean Beliveau and Frank Mahovlich also contibuted to 2 cups in 1971 and 1973.
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