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"All we see and seem is but a dream within a dream" - Excerpt from A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe.

Sphere disappeared from the online entheogen community several years ago, although rumor has been he circumbed, the truth is he simply left the virtual reality of this world behind to live a fuller life on the outside.

The following links are exact duplicates from Sphere's original web site which will remain active for at least one more year. If you are interested in preserving this information, please archive the entire site or what ever portion you wish on your own pro-entheogen web site or publication.

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Effects of Salvia Divinorum
1. Effects of Salvia Divinorum  (March 2005)
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Photographs of Salvinorin Crystals
2. Photographs of Salvinorin Crystals   (November  2005)
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Salvia Divinorum Extraction
3. Salvia Divinorum Extraction  (February 1, 2005)
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Antidepressant Properties of Salvia Div.
4. Antidepressant Properties of Salvia Div.  (April 2006)
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 External Links 
S. John's Description of Salvia Divinorum Journeys
Stanislav Grof's Research on Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
Stanislav Grof and the Healing Potential of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness
Thomas Campbell's Theory of Everything - our reality is completely virtual, we live in a digital universe.
Thomas Cambell's Lecture on his TOE (two hour video on quantum theory and how it relates to virtual reality).
The Universe & Multiple Reality “Each of us lives in a separate universe

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