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All my Cars and Bikes along with any other photos of vehicles I like etc.
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1. Cars  (Various)
Pictures of my cars and vans through the years.
There are several I've missed, but to be honest I'd rather forget them :-)
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2. Bikes 
Pictures of Russ's bikes
Please leave comments, if you like...
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Lulworth Castle car meet, 13-5-2018
3. Lulworth Castle car meet, 13-5-2018  (13/5/2018)
A Car Meet at Lulworth Castle
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Wessex Car Show, 8-6-2014
4. Wessex Car Show, 8-6-2014  (8th June 2014)
A few photos of the Wessex Car Show held at Lulworth Castle
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Mudeford Cars, 14-4-2013
5. Mudeford Cars, 14-4-2013  (14th April 2013)
A collection of cars on the 2nd Sunday of each month...
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Wessex Car Show, 4-9-2011
6. Wessex Car Show, 4-9-2011  (4th September 2011)
Another visit to the Wessex Classic Car Show run by the Jaguar club
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Beaulieu Hot Rod Show 2010
7. Beaulieu Hot Rod Show 2010  (20th June 2010)
The Beaulieu Hot Rod show
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8. Quads 
Pictures of my Quad. I've now sold it...
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Wessex Car Show at Bovington 2006
9. Wessex Car Show at Bovington 2006  (17th September 2006)
My regular visit to this classic car show
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Wessex Car Show at Bovington 2005
10. Wessex Car Show at Bovington 2005  (18-9-2005)
The Wessex Classic Car Show at Bovington.
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The NEC Bike show 2005.
11. The NEC Bike show 2005.  (1-11-2005)
Watch this space for photos of my visit to the NEC Motorcycle show 2005.
For me, the best show for some time.
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12. K10atbovington  (Early 90s?)
A few Black & White photos of my Chevy K10 at the AWDC meet at Bovington, Can't remember what year it was but would guess early 90's
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beaulieu MotorcycleWorld 2005
13. beaulieu MotorcycleWorld 2005  (19th June 2005)
Pictures and video of my day at the MotorcycleWorld event at Beaulieu. This event gets bigger & better every year. This year the weather was too hot for some! Got rather sun burnt.
Note: I was using a new digicam (Sanyo Xacti) and some pictures and video are not so good! Takes a bit of getting used to ;-)
Stop press: Check out the HUGE video in the 'video' section...
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14. allypally2005  (Jan 30th, 2005)
Some pictures of Triumphs at the Alexandra Palace motorbike show 30-1-2005
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15. yanks 
Various pictures of American trucks etc
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16. Boats  (Various)
Pictures of boats etc
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