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The Future
Like I said before.....it's hard not to tinker with this car and add to it, or make changes...
Many pictures in this file were done in Photoshop...it's the easiest way to visualize a potential change without damaging the car.

If you see a potential change and really like it, or if you absolutely detest it - PLEASE leave a comment in the guestbook! The opinions of others in regards to this car are very important to me...I look at this car as an ongoing "community project" and actively seek the opinions of other car lovers, no matter if those opinions are good or bad!
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Enlarge photo 1
Hood ornament
We plan on having a custom hood ornament made..but this was one of our initial choices

Enlarge photo 2
running board

Enlarge photo 3
'37 Chevy fat fendered 01
I want to do something different with the back end....the following pictures are an exercise I did to try to "flesh out" some of the ideas I had in my head....

Enlarge photo 4
'37 Chevy fat fendered 02

Enlarge photo 5
'36 Ford fat fendered 03

Enlarge photo 6
'36 Ford fat fendered 04

Enlarge photo 7
'36 Ford fat fendered 05

Enlarge photo 8
'32 Plymouth fat fendered 06

Enlarge photo 9
Interior wood

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