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Our foundation dogs
These dogs are no longer with us- some have passed on, some have been retired, but each has touched our hearts and enriched our lives.
Date(s): April 18, 2011. 1 - 8 of 8 Total. Shared
Sonlit's It's All good!
1. Sonlit's It's All good! 
Introducing Sonlit's It's All Good - aka Toot - DOB 3/21/13.

This is our gorgeous girl from Mike and Carol Hawke, Sonlit French Bulldogs.

THANK YOU for entrusting us with this darling gem!

Toot is 'Cleared by Parentage' for juvenile cataracts.  Spine report is in this album, Hips OFA FAIR
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2. Diamond 

Petit Motif Urban Dee Licious!!

Diamond comes to us from Petit Motif French Bulldogs, via their Minneapolis branch, Urban French Bulldogs.

Diamond is the long awaited culmination of some of the best the breed has to offer.  She is top notch bred, out of a best in show winning sire, from a best in show winning granddam, out of a fabulously typey champion dam - with generations of champions thru out the pedigree.

How were we so LUCKY to get this little GEM for ourselves??

We are indebted to Becky Smith, Helene Neer and Judi McKissick for entrusting us with this utterly fabulous dollbaby!!

Urban French Bulldogs: http://www.urbanfrenchies.com/

Petit Motif French Bulldogs: http://www.petitmotiffrenchies.com/

Petit Motif French Bulldogs on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hneer1940


Points and brags to date:

BOB at St. Croix Valley KC 8/23/08 under Judge Noe -2pts!
WB/BOS at Minneapolis KC 11/9/08 under Judge Jerry Rozeman - 1 pt!

WB at Cambridge KC 6/20/09 under Jackie Stacy - 4 pt major!
BW/BOS at Oklahoma City KC 6/25/09 under Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr. - 4 pt major!
WB at Oklahoma City KC 6/26/09 under Karl Dingman - 2 pts!
WB/BOS at Duluth KC 7/11/09 under Eugene Blake - 1 pt!
WB/BOS at Duluth KC on 7/12/09 under Michelle Billings - 1 pt!

**Diamond is now a champion!**

Clearances to date:

CERF               (Jun 22 2012)
CARDIAC            (NORMAL)
PATELLA            (NORMAL)

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Hotei Itoba Peace of Cake
3. Hotei Itoba Peace of Cake  (5/26/2009)
Introducing: Hotei Itoba Peace of Cake aka SPOT!

Spot is a joint venture with Itoba Kennel.  His daddy is CH Kae-Rae Beefcake, and his mom is Joie de Brie.  When Bob saw the first newborn baby pictures of Spot he said "He is SPOT ON!" and he's been Spot ever since!

Show brags to date:

Indianhead Kennel Club -  Spot goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Mrs. Diana L. Skibinski for 1 point!  Presented by his co-owner Joyce Winkels.

Indianhead Kennel Club - Spot goes Winners Dog again under Judge Mrs. Delores Burkholder for another 1 point! Presented by his co-owner Joyce Winkels.

6/4/11 - See photo!
Fargo-Moorhead ND. Spot goes Winners Dog under Judge Mr. Bill Lee for 1 point!  Presented by Jane Flowers.

6/11/11 - See photo!
Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club - Spot goes Best of Winners under Judge Mr. Joe C. Walton for 1 point!  Presented by Jane Flowers.

Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club - Spot does it again and goes Best of Winners under Judge Mr. Steve Hayden for another 1 point!  Presented by Jane Flowers.

Cambridge, MN Spot goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Mrs. Julie A. Timers for 2 points!  Presented by Jane and Stan Flowers.

6/25/11 - See photo!
Cambridge, MN Spot goes WD and BOW under Judge Mr. Kent H. Delaney for another 2 points!  Presented by Jane Flowers.

8/27/11 - Lake Elmo, MN Spot goes WD under Judge Ms. Sharon M. Danely for 2 points!  Presented by Jane Flowers.

Spot now has all of his single championship points and is looking for majors!  If there's a major, Spot will be there!

9/11/11 - Des Moines, IA Spot goes on WD under Judge Mary Lou Kinola for a 4 point major!

11/19/11 - We have a new champion!

Spot and Jane take Best of Winners at Minneapolis Kennel Club/Shakopee, MN on 11/19/11 for a three point major.  We have a new champion - whoo hoo!

Spot's OFA's to date:

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Gargoyle's Joy to the World
4. Gargoyle's Joy to the World  (Whelped 4/22/2008)
A big THANK YOU to Wanda and Gary Dziewik, Gargoyle Frenchies, for entrusting us with this beautiful girl!

To see Terra's earliest pix and pedigree, start at the very end of this album!

Terra's OFAs to date:

Mar 14 2011  34 MO FBU-EL271F34-VPI ELBOW
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Hotei Joie de Vivre
5. Hotei Joie de Vivre  (10/19/10)
Introducing: Hotei Joie de Vivre - bka Vivian, aka Bug.

Vivian is sired by our CH Kae-Rae Beefcake and our Joie de Brie. Her album is sadly out of date!  Updated Vivian pix coming SOON!

Show brags to date:

For her FIRST TIME OUT!!!  NO Points, but an honor just the same given the quality of her competition:

Indianhead Kennel Club/ Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Vivian takes RESERVE WINNERS BITCH on 5/14/11 under Mrs. Diana L. Skibinski and RESERVE WINNERS BITCH on 5/15/11 under Mrs. Delores Burkholder.

Health testing and OFA clearances to date:

Too young at present!
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Destiny's Devine Intervention
6. Destiny's Devine Intervention  (Whelped 3/1/2008)
We give a big THANK YOU to Ellen Devine and Kris and Paul Henning for allowing this sweet boy to come to us.

Vinny "The Lips" rules the sofa over the show ring.  Vinny is neutered and he and his lips and will be moving soon to Stillwater, MN to live with one of Bob's good friends.

If you go to the END of this album and work forwards, you can see Vinny being born and growing up!  You can also view a few snaps of his Hasting's evaluation along with his littermates, and see the pedigree.

Vinny is CLEAR for Juvenile Cataracts
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7. Beefcake  (March 7, 2004)
**Beefcake passed away on 4/22/10.  Autopsy findings indicated he had an undiagnosed prostate infection.  There are no words to describe our loss. He leaves behind one beautiful daughter Gargoyles Joy to the World (Terra) and sharp looking son Spot, aka Hotei Itoba Peace of Cake.**

To add extra JOY to our lives during a sad time, we added Kae-Rae BEEFCAKE to our pack.   The Beef comes to us from Karla Wirtz, Kae-Rae Kennels in Esko, MN.  The Beef is sired by Am/Can/Int'l CH 'CJ's Meat and Potato Man' out of Can/Int'l CH 'Kae-Rae Charisma'.  We tried to think of a charsimatic name to honor mom, but all we could think of was food!  I thought a beefcake was similar to a meatloaf, but if you google you will find the definition of BEEFCAKE to be a muscular man who is minimally attired!  We are indebted to Karla Wirtz for entrusting us with this utterly fabulous boy!  

Titles and clearances to date:

AKC Championship earned as a puppy on 12/17/05
International Championship earned on 11/12/06

CHIC #: 54229

OFA clearances:
FBU-755 CERF Jun 24 2006  Jun 24 2006  17 TESTED: 06 (RE-CERF for '08 normal and pending!)
FBU-BR21/18M-PI BAER HEARING TEST Jul 15 2006  Dec 15 2006  18 NORMAL
FBU-CA368/18M/C-PI CARDIAC Jul 15 2006  Dec 15 2006  18 NORMAL - CARDIOLOGIST
FBU-PA458/14M/P-PI PATELLA Mar 17 2006  Dec 15 2006  14 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
FBU-TH87/42M-VPI THYROID Jul 12 2008  Aug 19 2008  42 NORMAL
FBU-384G45M-VPI HIPS Oct 17 2008  Dec 10 2008  45 GOOD
FBU-EL197M45-VPI ELBOW Oct 17 2008  Dec 10 2008  45 NORMAL

Additional testing:

OFA trachea database & spine database - we tried these and couldn't get the shots! We'll try again in 2009!
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8. Joe 

Joie de Brie - aka Jojo, Mean Joilene, Jumpy (because she jumps like a pogo stick!), and bka Joe!

An experienced dog person who saw Joe's litter suggested we consider adding her to our pack, and urged us to snap her up quick!   It also helped that Bob had a recent health scare and was perhaps still under the influence of morphine, so he OKed the purchase without too many questions!  Joe brings to the table an outcross pedigree and a super sound body in a pretty package!  

Jojo is living the good life as a spayed retiree with Joyce and Jay Richardson.  

For the puppy pix of Joe, start at the very end!

OFA Clearances to date:

HIPS Oct 17 2008  Dec 15 2008  26 MILD

FBU-EL198F26-VPI ELBOW Oct 17 2008  Dec 15 2008  26 NORMAL

FBU-BR59/11F-VPI BAER HEARING TEST Jul 17 2007  Jun 8 2009  11 HEARING (NORMAL)

FBU-CA639/17F/P-VPI CARDIAC Dec 28 2007  Jun 8 2009  17 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER

FBU-PA714/17F/P-VPI PATELLA Dec 28 2007  Jun 8 2009  17 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER

Juvenile Cataract - CLEAR
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