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For e-mail address:  Please read all the way to the bottom for e-mail address and before contacting me - and please check out this link on PUPPY BUYING ETIQUETTE thank you!



The current starting price for a pet quality Frenchie is $2000.00-$2,500.00 for brindle males and $3,000.00 for cream or fawn males.  Females and show quality puppies when available are priced individually.

Dogs in this album are available to new homes.  All pet quality pups and retired adults are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered or on contract before leaving for their new home.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Why do we alter pet quality pups and retired adults before sending them to their new homes?  For the benefit of the dog and to the benefit of the breed.  If you do not agree with purchasing a pet puppy or retired adult that is already altered, please look elsewhere for a French Bulldog.

Looking for puppies?

Please be aware that puppies are almost never available immediately.  This is because we breed only a few carefully planned litters each year and usually have people waiting for both companion puppies and show prospects. This means that we are very unlikely to have a puppy available when you first contact us  - or the first day of spring, or in time for Christmas, or on any other specific, predetermined date. If you must have a puppy immediately, you will need to look elsewhere.

Its so easy to say a puppy is "show quality" or "Champion quality".  Are the pet pups we offer typey, cobby and correct?  Yes!  But are they all champion quality?  We carefully evaluated our pups, and while they are very nice, I would be happy to tell you why they are not offered for sale as intact breeding/show dogs.  If you require a show prospect, let me know and I will be happy to discuss any show potential prospects with you!

What about a waiting list?

Our waiting list is not the typical first-come-first-served type of list. We require an interview for chemistry and an in home visit at your house prior to placing any of our fur kids.  We try to spend time getting to know people who are interested in our dogs, so we can match the right puppy or retired adult to the right people. Folks interested in a Hotei frenchie should be prepared to come to our home to meet us and meet our dogs first hand.  If we choose you for one of our babies, be prepared for us to deliver the pup so we can see first hand where our very special baby will be living.  Why do we do home visits?  Just like we expect YOU to want to see first hand the conditions in which your anticipated pet was raised and has lived, we want to check you out to see first hand for ourselves the setting our fur kid will be living in.  We don't require fancy homes, just a stable setting with honest folk.


When you write...

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a dog. Tell us if you are interested in a companion dog, or if your interest lies in performance activities (obedience, agility, rally), conformation, or junior showmanship. Tell us about your previous dogs (or other past and current pets). If this will be your first French Bulldog, tell us why you are interested in the breed. We are happy to help people decide whether a frenchie is the right breed for them.

Required reading for puppy seekers - copy and paste into your browser:

Why an imported frenchie pup isn't such a good idea:


The current standard price for a pet quality French bulldog puppy starts at $2500.00-$3,000.00: please read up on why French Bulldogs are priced so dearly:


A well bred purebred puppy is not 'expensive' per se - they simply are what they are:

And if you think you can buy a frenchie pup cheaper than the standard rate, of course you can.  Please read about the high cost of cheap puppies:



Please e-mail teabaker@earthlink.net if you are interested in knowing more about upcoming retirees or puppies.
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