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Lexi is just a youngster - still under a year old. She has a genetic condition called LCP; this causes the "head" of the femur bone (at the top of the hind leg, where it joins the hip socket) to stop growing and die (the flow of blood that usually nourishes the bone stops). The only treatment for this condition is the removal of the top half of the bone. Fortunately, dogs who have this surgery are able to walk and run normally after several months of healing and rehabilitation.
The cost of Lexi's evaluation, x-rays, surgery and after-care is $1,000. Please help us with this expense if you can.
Date(s): 11/26/09. 1 - 1 of 1 Total. 774 Visits.
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Lexi after surgery - groggy & sore, but on the mend.

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I'm sending in a donation by mail.  Maybe it's me but it was hard to follow what to do online to make sure Lexi gets it!  But..."check's in the mail"!  For real!
Love ya Lexi! :o)
Aunt Libby ;o)
Libby Willis, Wed, 16 Dec 2009 8:17AM
O.K. little girl.  Do what your people Mom says and remember you are loved!
Cheryl, Mon, 30 Nov 2009 9:07AM
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