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Scampi's new mom can not say enough good things about her.  She is so wonderful and they had a big Christmas and she got along with eveyrone.  Sue's 9 year old grandson carried her around, and Scampi played with her 2 year old great grandson. She is so sweet and they just love her. She gets along well with everyone and seems as if she has always been there.  People who come to visit want to adopt her.  Sue was saying good bye to her daughter, and Scampi sat in the hallway and cried. She thought Sue was leaving. She is very active and is the most active dog they have. She snuggles in bed, and when she gets feelings hurt, she really snuggles at the shoulders between Sue and her husband - Carl.  Everything she does makes Sue smile and laugh.  She just loves her so much. She is just a wonderful dog and everyone laughs at her. She loves to lay on the bed and take long walks. She also loves the beach.

Scampi now lives in Fernandina Beach, FL with Sue and Carl.
"What kind is the other dog. My girl Fawn looks just like her & we do not know what she is Thanks Rich" --Richard Metzgar, 06/15/09
"She is Chi. and a Pug, called a CUG." --S.C. Jones, 09/28/09
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