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Photo: Vino and Mocha

Mocha is doing great.  I have already taught her to sit and lay down on command.  She is a very smart girl!  She has also learned to walk on a leash.  

This little thing has wiggled her way into our hearts...big time!  She goes to my in-laws during the day while we are at work, where she has the company of her new brother Vino, Chloe the maltepoo, and Nikki the mini-rattie.  It was amazing the first time Nikki and Mocha met, Nikki immediately bonded to her, and they just love each other.   We will never give up on this little sweetie, challenges will come and go, and we will deal with them accordingly.  

Oh yeah, Mocha and Vino are best buds.  They were lying on the floor earlier nose to nose chewing on Dingo bones.  Vino shares willingly with Mocha.  

Mocha lives with Ashley and Nathan Lesniewski of Flint Texas
Canon Powershot SD400 Full EXIF / IPTC
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