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MACK, formerly Harpo
Pic: Mack and Tara

February 2008 Harpo, now Mack, moved in with Tara and Jim. Tara tells that Mack acted like he "just belonged" from the very first day. He took to both of them immediately, and was comfortable in his new surroundings and in the yard when they went for walks, too.

After the Kat got over the shock of sharing her home, they are now the best of buddies.

Tara and Jim are enamored of Mack's expressive eyes. They declare that Mack gazes right into their eyes, and reads their moods and feelings just like a human would.
Mack's cute mug has them just head over heels in love with him.

Mack is learning some commands and surely his most favorite is to go fetch one of his toys so they can play catch, or to "go find the Kat".

Mack now lives in Michigan with Tara and Jim and Kitty
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