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ROXANNE, formerly Alaska Angel

We are so happy to have Roxanne in our family now. She is such a character.
She loves her toys; every time we go to the store and buy her a new one she acts like she has never had a toy and this is the greatest thing she has ever seen! When I have food and she wants some she will run around on the back of the couch and sit on my shoulder and try to eat the food as it is going into my mouth. She loves running through the house at 100 miles per hour.  

She is such a cuddle bug and cuddles with me on the couch and at night when we go to sleep. She loves to burrow down between me and my husband and she has to be touching both of us at all times.

She is so excited when we come home everyday and it is such a joy to see her too. She is just the most delightful thing and we are so very happy to have her in our lives.

Thank you so much,
Jennifer and Josh
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