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Photo: Steve and Alice

Things couldn't be going better. Alice has her own "blankie" that we take with us to the part of the house where we will be since she stays very close. We also bring it with us in the car when we go anywhere. She is starting to get along well with other dogs. Most of my friends have dogs and Alice fits right in.

We've had he a couple of months now and she has become spontaneous. She will run and play in the house, rather that just stay wrapped up in her "blankie". She loves to go for rides and when I let her out in the front, she will go and stand by the passenger side of the pick-up waiting to be lifted up and taken for a ride. I think she is getting spoiled, but that is O.K.

We can't thank you enough for bringing Alice into our lives. She is a regular member of the family. I certainly don't know what we would with her.

Steve & Laura
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