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We decided to change his name to Toa. Toa not only got a new family, he also got a new canine sister Trixi.  The two of them played and wrestled and played and wrestled non-stop.  He would wrestle with Trixi, and would literally just roll all over the floor  like a roly poly‚Ķit was the cutest thing.  Although he had adjusted very well to Michael and I, I felt bad for little Toa being tortured by Trixi and wondered if we had made the right decision adding a pup to the house. Before long, it was obvious that we had made the perfect choice.  Toa and Trixi are best buds and although they still wrestle and play every day, they also snuggle and share.

My favorite thing about Toa is his laid back personality.  He is very much "go with the flow" and is always watching everything that is going on (from a laying down position)  

I was incredibly happy with the adoption process through Ratbones.  I am impressed with the number of committed volunteers it takes to make this happen.  

From:: Mary Westcott
Michael Hottle
Edinburg, Virginia
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