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Grace loves to play with a few doggie pals she’s made in the neighborhood and loves coming  out with me to friends houses and the park.  She loves to play with people she knows – she loves to get chased around, play tug of war, and ruff house.  She also has gained confidence when meeting new people.

My proudest moment is when we were in the park one morning and there was a strange guy just hanging around.  I had tried to wait for him to leave but he just wouldn’t go.  In order to get home we had to walk right by this guy and no one else was around.  We got within 15 feet of him and Grace went nuts barking at him.  She had finally gained enough confidence to protect her mom!

I love her personality.  She is such a happy dog and can make anyone smile and always seems to know how to do the right thing to get some attention.

Jessica Jensen
Seattle, Washington
Canon EOS Digital Rebel Full EXIF / IPTC
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