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Brenda is very happy to report that Jackie is doing very well for her after having a very rough start coming from a pound. She was very close to being PTS. When the vet wanted to give up on Jackie because of her skin issues, Brenda stepped in and saved her.She has some scarring from the bad skin, but it sounds like it's no longer an issue. She was also Jackie's foster mom and has actually had her for a quite some time.  Brenda says that Jackie follows her everywhere, waiting on a chance to jump up into her lap for some love. Jackie actually worships the ground that Brenda walks on, which says a lot for Brenda's kindness and patience with her. Jackie is a snuggler and is happier with that than a lot of exercise.

Jackie has found her perfect match with Brenda.
""Jackie actually worships the ground that Brenda walks on" reading that made my heart swell and my eyes tear. god bless brenda and jackie." --Amanda Simmons, 09/13/09
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