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My name is JoeJoe and this is my story. I was rescued by Jackie Nuckols and her granddaughter, Loren Ledbetter. I had been thrown away by my Mom and Dad because they were getting divorced. I was very sad and scared. One thing I love about my new home is I get to sleep in bed with the cover over me. My adopted Mother thought I would be good for Loren because her Mom and Dad were getting divorced also. As it turned out, Mom said I did more for her than anyone. I have a brother in my new home who is a cat we love each other. We both sleep with our forever Mother, and Loren when she comes over. Sometimes we go to Loren’s grandfather’s farm and I get to run and play with his dogs. I don’t shake so much now and I have learned to play! I’m glad I’m in my forever home.”

JoeJoe lives with his mom Jackie in Tuscaloosa, AL.
"Merry Christmas, Laren & JoeJoe!!" --Ratbone Rescues, 12/15/08
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