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Our family adopted Melody who we now call "Em" in May 08.

Em is the sweetest kindest little girl, who loves to cuddle and sleep wrapped around your shoulders or head. Her sister Rattie is Sugar Bean, a very sentimental family loving girl.  At the moment there is a little power struggle going on, Em is much bigger than Sugar  and  climbs over Sugar and lies on her. Sugar is definitely the dominant female and puts Em in her place very quickly. Em will just  flop around and try again and again. She eventually gives up and falls asleep next to Sugar.

As you can see by the pictures, Em's coloring is absolutely gorgeous.
Both girls are so different in their eating styles, Sugar is a very fussy eater, Em would eat You if you could sit in her food bowl!

Both girls love to go on car trips, they sleep from the moment you put them in the car until you stop.

They are the best.......
The Kleyweg Family
Delray Beach
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