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#16 Spyk
#16    7"    Spyk
Unakite round - 4mm
Carnelian round  - 4mm
Goldstone round - 4mm
Swarovski bicone - crystal AB - 5mm
Metal beads
Album by Caroline Wood. Photos by Sue Carello. 1 - 2 of 2 Total. 2247 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Larger crystals were used in this one, flanked on each side by a red & green unakite bead. Alternating goldstone and red carnelian surround this trio.

Enlarge photo 2
What a stunning dog Spyk was. He was almost 30 lbs, calm, gentle and dignified.  He could make a person fall in love with the BIG Ratties.  Spyk found a home with another RT almost as big as him.

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Spyk is still calm and dignified.  What a surprise to see him here!  He's one of the best dogs I've ever met, and a great role model for my rat terrier when he visits Spyk and his brother.  Since adoption, Spyk's mom & dad have had a son and daughter.  Spyk has been gentle and protective of the children since they were born, sleeping next to the crib and following anyone around when they hold the children.  He is living on a farm, enjoying toddlers, horses and sharing cheerios.  Spyk is a great dog with a great life...thank you for helping him find his family.
Theresa, Sun, 19 Apr 2009 7:54AM
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