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"and if your scared of hights dont get on" --joy, 04/19/06
"I loooove this ride it's so cool... P.S everyone that looks at this please visit my site at" --Taylor, 04/24/06
"this ride is awsome it is the best in town it is a thriller and it is the best you have ever seen so if you have not rode it yet that is a nother reason to come to Kenny wood so come and see." --alieyyah lewis, 04/30/06
"i hate this ride i got completly soaked none of my freinds told me it was a water ride i almost drowned on the ride" --yo momma, 05/10/06
"I LOVE THIS RIDE" --nate-o, 05/28/06
"this ride is the funnest ri de if u like going upside down i love it" --justin, 06/02/06
"does it really get you that soked" --Nathan, 06/05/06
"When im on this ride i feel Sexy and cute even yhough i am when i get off it makes me feel good lokking and everybody looks at me and im mix and conceited luve tis ride" --Shakira, 07/28/06
"ive never been on it when it sprayed the water so..." --mary jo, 04/09/07
"Since they took out the water it is not as fun as before!! I still <3 this ride!!!" --Lauren, 05/08/07
"THEY TOOK OUT THE WATER!?!?!?!" --mjmj, 05/21/07
"they took out the wateR????" --Jess, 06/12/07
"so much fun luv it" --Jess, 06/12/07
"cracken the hell up when fliping upside down. just to fun. love it." --steve, 06/15/07
"I agree with yo momma.Plus it is not there anymore." --gwen, 08/11/10
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