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"wHAT THE HECK IS THAT??????" --NIKKI, 09/01/06
"It's the chain for the Pittsburg Plunge" --Bill, 03/10/07
"haha...nice picture...uhm...i guess...haha...wateva" --mjmj, 04/07/07
"that is the pittsburgh plunge i would know iv been there enough times" --kat, 05/07/07
"It's my friend :/" --Jon, 05/09/07
"It's the drive chain that pulls the cars up the first incline on the Phantom's Revenge" --Phantom, 06/12/07
"It IS the Pittsburg Plunge---note the style of fence and the white pavillions at the bottom of the fall." --Bill, 06/13/07
"come again i know my phantoms revenge when i see it. this is the pittsburgh plunge man." --steve, 06/19/07
"ya daaaa phantom" --cody, 04/14/09
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