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Kerry-for-President Rally at CMU
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Date(s): 20 October 2004. Album by Ralf Brown. Photos by Ralf Brown. 1 - 10 of 10 Total. 13531 Visits.
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Uh Oh, Getting Around Campus Will Be Harder Than I Thought

Enlarge photo 2
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Counter-Rally Organizing

Enlarge photo 3
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Crowding Up Against the VIP Section Entrance

Enlarge photo 4
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News Crew Setting Up for Interviews

Enlarge photo 5
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All the Media Are Here

Enlarge photo 6
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Enlarge photo 7
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The VIP Section from a Different Angle

Enlarge photo 8
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Half-Mile Line

Enlarge photo 9
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The End of the Line Wasn't Budging
People were arriving as fast as they could be processed into the rally area.  This is only half of the line -- at the top of the picture, it makes a right angle and continues for roughly an equal distance.

Enlarge photo 10
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The Audience
(minus everyone still in line in the previous pic :-)

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