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SATCOM Engineering Ref. (click here)
Lots of reference data regarding satellite telecom, antennas and measurements. Includes several Excel RF calculator tools.

Download a free SMW Satcom software program for your computer here: http://smwlink.com.sitebuilder.loopia.com  - Calculator for Windows - This is a great little program which includes G/T Calculations, Satellite Antenna Alignment using your lat. & long., C/N, System Noise Figure, NF to Noise Temperature and Antenna Gain Calculations. This is a 1.5 MB zipped file which will install to Windows95/98/XP/7 operating systems.

Online satellite link budget calculator: Satellite Link Budget Calculator  

Excellent online RF engineering resources are at these links:




Link to: Microwave Spread Sheets and Excel Calculator Docs. - Lots of RF .xls calculators you won't likely ever need to use but some can be very useful for RF link work.

Download: RF Units Converter Program.exe - This is a very small program which downloads quickly and well worth having if you work with RF voltage and power levels.

Intelsat COB - Intelsat Center Of Box Ephemeris Data: Find your region (Afghan uses Indian Ocean Region), use the drop down menu to go to your bird and then click the "view" box to see predicted COB data.

Telesat COB - Anik F1, Anik F1R, Anik F2, Anik F3, Nimiq 1, Nimiq 2, Nimiq 4, Telstar 11N, Telstar 12, Telstar 14, Telstar 18
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Enlarge PDF 1
enlarge 2.09MB, 495x640
Earth Station Technology -This handbook is used as a reference for courses on Earth station communications technology organized under the INTELSAT Signatory Training Program (ISTP).

Enlarge PDF 2
enlarge 148KB, 495x640
IESS-207E - Intelsat Earth Station Standards, 4 and 6 GHz.

Enlarge PDF 3
enlarge 322KB, 495x640
IESS-208E - Intelsat Earth Station Standards. 11/12 and 14 GHz.

Enlarge PDF 4
enlarge 2.16MB, 495x640
Intelsat VSAT Handbook.

Enlarge PDF 5
enlarge 149KB, 495x640
Intelsat Earth Station Test Plan

Enlarge PDF 6
enlarge 1.45MB, 452x640
Eutelsat EARTH STATION VERIFICATION AND ASSISTANCE 25 July 2000 -  Volume I - ESOG Module 130 - Issue 2.0

Enlarge PDF 7
enlarge 105KB, 452x640
SES - Earth Station Verification Test Overview.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 8
enlarge 614KB, 495x640
Antenna Pattern Measurement: Concepts and Techniques
Michael D. Foegelle

Enlarge PDF 9
enlarge 54KB, 452x640
Ralph L. Brooker
Andrew Corporation

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 10
enlarge 234KB, 495x640
OSHA Field Service Memo -
Electromagnetic Radiation and how it affects your instruments.

Enlarge PDF 11
enlarge 39KB, 495x640
Line of Sight Link Budgeting: Wi-Fi Link Budget Analysis for 802.11 wireless links
CS496A Independent Study in Wireless Networking
Calculated for ~6.5mi Link from Mt. Sugarloaf to Orchard Hill Tower

Enlarge PDF 12
enlarge 455KB, 452x640
Broadcast Engineers Handbook, includes:
# Microwave exposure.
# Coax and waveguide.
# VSWR vs. Return Loss (dB).
# dBm, Watts, dBmv, Volts.
# Cable size vs. maximum current.
# Other useful calculations.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 13
enlarge 37KB, 495x640
RF Conversion Formulas.
Decibel Conversion: Power, voltage,
current, milliwatts, microvolts, microamps, Power Conversion: dBw to dBm. Voltage Conversion: dBv to dBuv
...and much more.

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 14
enlarge 39KB, 495x640
.XLS RF Calculator
Complements of Jack Daniel Co: www.RFSolutions.com

This .xls document contains many useful RF formulas.

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 15
enlarge 525KB, 640x495
BIRD RF Calculator:
Power. VSWR and RL. Freq and Wave. Atten. Directivity. Cable loss. Masking Effect. Field Strength. Free Space Loss. Metric.

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 16
enlarge 138KB, 640x495
RF Fade Margin Calculation Worksheet

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 17
enlarge 20KB, 495x640
FDMA Data Rate vs RF Bandwidth Calculator .xls

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 18
enlarge 110KB, 495x640
Radyne Satellite Modem Conversion Chart -
Shows the relationship of C/N+N to expected Eb/No at 8PSK.

ONLY open using Excel link, PDF does not work for this file!

Enlarge PDF 19
enlarge 1.48MB, 495x640
Andrew - CommScope White Paper:

Calculating Antenna System Return Loss As Viewed Through The RF Path
Lou Meyer, Director of Technical Marketing December 2009

Enlarge PDF 20
enlarge 4.32MB, 495x640
Heliax Feedline Specifications.

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 21
enlarge 515KB, 495x640
Engineering Spreadsheet XLS Calculator. Enter the data for your coax and see the calculated results.

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 22
enlarge 170KB, 495x640
Waveguide Loss in Excel. Check out all of the tabs on this document to see what it can provide for you.

Enlarge PDF 23
enlarge 108KB, 495x640
Cisco White Paper: 20 Myths of Wi-Fi Network Interference.

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 36KB, 640x176
Eutelsat - Rambouillet, France.

Enlarge PDF 25
enlarge 534KB, 640x480
Signal-to-Noise, Carrier-to-Noise, EbNo on Signal Quality Ratios

Enlarge PDF 26
enlarge 149KB, 494x640
Eb/N0 Explained (the energy per bit to noise power spectral density ratio)

Enlarge PDF 27
enlarge 398KB, 494x640
Symbol rate vs data rate conversion formula. Minimum BER comparisons for FDMA FEC.

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