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Dragonfly Files
Information relating to Dragonfly home built aircraft.

Note: Click on the photo to open or download file, click on the blue text to link to the original source page (some cases, others to another source for the same information).

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Date(s): August 15, 2006. Album by QDF Group. 1 - 51 of 51 Total.
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Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 1
enlarge 170KB, 495x640
Dragonfly FAQ by Dave Morris

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 2
enlarge 27KB, 495x640
Can a Dragonfly homebuilt be modified to be LSA compliant?

(found quoted in a forum)

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 3
enlarge 26KB, 495x640
Yahoo Dragonflylist discussion of DF stability

Enlarge PDF 4
enlarge 280KB, 495x640
Dragonfly Specifications

The list I compiled from their web site for download is easier to read, has all of the aircraft owner reported performance specs together on one sheet.

Enlarge PDF 5
enlarge 117KB, 495x640
Dragonfly Owner Performance Reports

Enlarge PDF 6
enlarge 24KB, 495x640
Laribee's Dragonfly flight test results

Enlarge PDF 7
enlarge 53KB, 495x640
Yahoo Dragonflylist discussion of DF VNE

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 8
enlarge 716KB, 320x640
Mark II math model

MathCAD based aerodynamic analysis of a Mark II Dragonfly by eosraptor1. Posted on the Yahoo Dragonflylist Group

Enlarge PDF 9
enlarge 40KB, 495x640
Dragonfly Errata Sheet

From Yahoo Dragonflylist Group

Enlarge PDF 10
enlarge 206KB, 466x640
DF Elevator Modification Article 1

Enlarge PDF 11
enlarge 38KB, 466x640
Dragonfly Elevator Modification Article 2 by Chris Walterson

Enlarge PDF 12
enlarge 203KB, 495x640
Dragonfly VHF Loop Antenna by Dave Morris

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 13
enlarge 693KB, 495x640
Dave's Dragonfly Project.

Reads best in MS Word

Enlarge Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 14
enlarge 58KB, 495x640
Dragonfly Weight and Balance Sheet

From Jeffrey A. LeTempt

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 15
enlarge 2.37MB, 495x640
Darryl Wright's Dual Stick Modification Sketches

Text and three excellent drawings of mechanical layouts.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 39KB, 640x350

Dual side sticks drawing

Enlarge PDF 17
enlarge 248KB, 495x640
Dragonfly Vortex Generators

From Mark Felling's web site

Enlarge PDF 18
enlarge 322KB, 495x640
Velocity Generators on a Dragonfly

By Nate Rambo - Construction and placement notes.

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 33KB, 640x294
Dragonfly MK I views

A drawing of the DF from three different views; top, side, front. (click "original" to see full size resolution).

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 123KB, 640x283
Dragonfly MK II views

A drawing of the DF from three different views; top, side, front. (click "original" to see full size resolution).

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 110KB, 640x352
Dragonfly sections drawing

Once opened in its own page click on "original" to see full size.

Enlarge PDF 22
enlarge 358KB, 495x640
Ron Triano's Dragonfly Project.

Enlarge PDF 23
enlarge 213KB, 495x640
Justin's DF Incidence Check Doc.

- Four photos.

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 74KB, 640x465
Steel Gear Leg Clamp Details.jpg
General details of gear leg to fuselage clamp

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 25
enlarge 192KB, 495x640
Canopy Opening Procedure/design

Enlarge PDF 26
enlarge 386KB, 495x640
Canopy Gas Spring Mod photos by Bankston - three photos.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 27
enlarge 27KB, 495x640
N39XD Deltas from original plans

Enlarge PDF 28
enlarge 1.16MB, 495x640
Front and back DF hatch mod photos by gfbankston - six photos.

Enlarge PDF 29
enlarge 192KB, 495x640
Dave Morris' Hoop Gear Modification - three photos and two illustrations.

Uses bolts to attach the gear.

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 13KB, 640x480
Morris' detachable hoop gear diagram.

(Once opened click on "original" for full size diagram).

Enlarge PDF 31
enlarge 251KB, 495x640
Mick's Dragonfly MK III Hoop Gear Photos  - three photos.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 41KB, 322x640

Landing Gear theory

Enlarge PDF 33
enlarge 922KB, 495x640
Differential brake photos by gfbankston - two photos.

From Yahoo Dragonfly List Group

Enlarge PDF 34
enlarge 84KB, 495x640
Photos of a homemade tail spring

by African_Dragonfly - four photos.

Enlarge PDF 35
enlarge 1.76MB, 495x640
23 Photographs of Justin Mace's Dragonfly - incl:

Aircraft photo
Prop photos
Landing light installations
Instrument panel
Extensive O-200 engine photos

Enlarge PDF 36
enlarge 3.09MB, 495x640
Plans/Task Kit constructed DF as a finished aircraft

This is a fairly detailed set of 30 photos w/eleven photos of its VW Engine. N142JE.

Small and large photos.

Enlarge PDF 37
enlarge 235KB, 495x640
Glass Panel Project

By Dave Morris' - Three photos.

Enlarge PDF 38
enlarge 1.71MB, 495x640
Tom Hall's Dragonfly Construction Photos  - 32 photos.

Enlarge PDF 39
enlarge 224KB, 495x640
Three photos of a Tri-Dragonfly prior to engine and cowl installation.

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 21KB, 640x484
Tad's DF landing gear step.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 41
enlarge 2.19MB, 495x640
Photos of the Raptor (Super-DF) control system - five photos and text.

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 57KB, 640x373
Raptor (Super-DF) Wing Lights - single photo.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 43
enlarge 696KB, 495x640
Joe Polenek 's Modified Aileron Hinge Fairing Procedure - thirteen photos.

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 44
enlarge 556KB, 495x640
Forward Hinge Canopy Drawings - pat_panzera   

Four excellent drawings of the canopy and attachments in this doc.

Enlarge PDF 45
enlarge 1.11MB, 495x640
Snap Dragon on a trailer

Two photos of a Task kit Dragonfly showing how one owner hauled a project on a 16 ft trailer.

Enlarge PDF 46
enlarge 913KB, 495x640
Newsletter article on moving a DF in a U-Haul truck

From Yahoo Dragonflylist Group

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 47
enlarge 88KB, 495x640
The angle of airfoil installation on a DF as called for in the factory Dragonfly plans.

By Andrew

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 48
enlarge 42KB, 495x640
Effects of reflexors and reflexing an airfoil's trailing edge

By Andrew

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 49
enlarge 57KB, 495x640
Servo,  Anti-Servo & Trim Tabs

By Andrew

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 50
enlarge 40KB, 495x640
Angle of Attack ( AOA ) in Tandem Winged Aircraft

By Andrew

Enlarge Microsoft Word Document 51
enlarge 455KB, 495x640
Airfoil properties of the Dragonfly aircraft

By Andrew

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