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Rita and John Babies
1. Rita and John Babies 
Babies due mid May
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2. Broma  (March 19, 2018)
Broma came to us from Kari Jepson

She is a "solid" Chocolate tricolor brindle ( we use the term solid loosely to mean not piebald)

Bred by Jennifer Sider
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Indian Rocks Invitational
3. Indian Rocks Invitational  (March 16, 2018)
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403 Images
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4. WHOOPING CRANS  (March 2018)
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Marvel Legends BAF Sasquatch Deadpool
5. Marvel Legends BAF Sasquatch Deadpool  (March 2018)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends BAF Sasquatch. Deadpool Series 2018 Action Figures
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Kyle Goldberg signs with Adrian College
6. Kyle Goldberg signs with Adrian College  (March 15, 2018)
21 Visits
235 Images
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2008 Farming Updates
7. 2008 Farming Updates  (March 3, 2008)
2933 Visits
85 Images
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Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Macomb
8. Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Macomb  (February 23, 2018)
45 Visits
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March 2018
9. March 2018  (3/1/18)
51 Visits
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March 2018 Novice Color Print
10. March 2018 Novice Color Print  (3/1/18)
50 Visits
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March 2018 Unlimited Mono Print
11. March 2018 Unlimited Mono Print  (3/1/18)
49 Visits
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March 2018 Novice Monochrome Print
12. March 2018 Novice Monochrome Print  (3/1/18)
52 Visits
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Pizza & Pops
13. Pizza & Pops  (March 10, 2018)
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Wild Oak and Sundance litter - "HIGH"
14. Wild Oak and Sundance litter - "HIGH"  (January 9, 2018)

Wild Oak and Sundance litter - "HIGH"

Born - January 10, 2018
Sire: Sammy Blessings
PRA Clear
PLL Clear by Parentage
Chocolate tri
15 inches

Sammy is a member of the pack of Sundance Kennel in Arizona, and is loved by Kathryn McCoullough-Willis.

Dam: Wild Oak's Mint Julep
PRA status pending
PLL Clear by Parentage
Black bi
13 inches

For more info on Julep please go to album in the folder "Girls at Wild Oak."

So, this is a very exciting litter, exciting enough to make me drive to Arizona, I hate road trips.  My dear friend Kathryn Willis has a beautiful chocolate male by the name of "Sammy Blessings." I've been admiring him for quite some time now, decided to pay her and him a visit, Julep decided to come along.   

He was so much more beautiful in person than his pics, hopefully this litter will reflect the excellent qualities of their sire and dam.

I now register and name all puppies with AKC, transfer them to their new families when they are selected.  I register all our dogs with rose names, SO - I picked the word "HIGH" then searched the web for rose names with "high" in them.  This is the result.

Wild Oak's Sundance High & Magic - Available
Wild Oak's Sundance High Flying Playboy - staying at Wild Oak
Wild Oak's Sundance High Roller - Available
Wild Oak's Sundance High Five - Available
Wild Oak's Sundance High Summer Skies - on her way to Sundance Kennels, Arizona

Of course the new owner can change their name, but "Wild Oak's Sundance" must remain the prefix to their names.

1 Male - black tri "Magic"
2 Male - black tri "Playboy"
3 Male - black tri "Fiver"
4 Female - black tri "Summer"
5 Male - black tri " Roller"


Magic     Week 1 - .97lb, Week 2 -  1.63lb, Week 3 -        
Playboy   Week 1 - 1.05lb, Week 2 - 1.63lb, Week 3 -    
Fiver     Week 1 - 1.05lb, Week 2 - 1.72lb, Week 3 -
Summer    Week 1 - .92lb, Week 2 - 1.44lb, Week 3
Roller    Week 1 - 1.03lb, Week 2 - 1.67lb

1008 Visits
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Florida, 2018
15. Florida, 2018  (Jan.30-Feb. 10 2018)
42 Visits
50 Images
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