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Schipperke puppies
1. Schipperke puppies 
These are our current puppies. We have all males at this time.
0 Visits
4 Images
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Mini Rat Terriers
2. Mini Rat Terriers 
Puppies are here! We have several puppies available with a variety of colors. Check out all these cuties!
1 Visits
32 Images
Linked Album
3. 57wc 
Full details........see hermansclassics.com for video.
9 Visits
31 Images
Linked Album
1115 Evergreen Ave 90023, Boyle Heights
4. 1115 Evergreen Ave 90023, Boyle Heights 
Gerardo - 323/717-0513
5 Visits
27 Images
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Maui_West Maui
5. Maui_West Maui  (May, 2017)
5 Visits
92 Images
Linked Album
1991 NME Pop Music Playing Cards
6. 1991 NME Pop Music Playing Cards 
10 Visits
56 Images
Linked Album
1991 EMI Legends of Rock & Roll Cards
7. 1991 EMI Legends of Rock & Roll Cards 
10 Visits
48 Images
Linked Album
Marvel Legends X-Men BAF Warlock 2017
8. Marvel Legends X-Men BAF Warlock 2017  (June 2017)
Here is my latest find on Marvel Legends X-Men BAF Warlock 2017.
7 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
Mogul Silk Presidents
9. Mogul Silk Presidents 
15 Visits
24 Images
Linked Album
10. 67src 
Full details coming ....see hermansclassics.com for info.
275 Visits
50 Images
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Braemar CC- Encino
11. Braemar CC- Encino 
DATES NOT CLEARED YET. (Contact was gone this weekend)
4001 Reseda
Dale 818-345-3520
20 Visits
26 Images
Linked Album
T70 Historical Events
12. T70 Historical Events 
17 Visits
2 Images
Linked Album
425 South Breed Street
13. 425 South Breed Street 
Boyle Heights
Christine Rodriguez
21 Visits
41 Images
Linked Album
Towbe's Adventures plus
14. Towbe's Adventures plus   (2017)

UPDATED:- June 22nd This album will contain photos and videos of Towbe the Chihuahua's adventures & funtimes. His latest adventure begins at #173. Thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoy your visits.

8662 Visits
223 Images
Linked Album
2016 Super ArcticGlow & SnowGlow Stuff
15. 2016 Super ArcticGlow & SnowGlow Stuff 
Available possible Super Arctic Glows, possible Super SnowGlows, and Sharp Snows from our 2016 litter from breeding ArcticGlow X Ghost het-Sharp.
924 Visits
10 Images
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