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Mohawk Lake Hike
1. Mohawk Lake Hike  (10 July, 2017)
In hopes of both further experimentation with early morning, longer, low light exposures, as well increasing my chances to see more wildlife, this trek once again began at the predawn hour of 5 am.  The hike would ascend the Mohawk Lake Trail to lower and upper Mohawk Lake, Continental Falls, as well as several other unnamed high alpine lakes and meadows, and would span more than 12 miles, 10 hours, and close to 4000 total vertical feet.  The weather was spectacular with absolutely no morning breeze allowing for some stunning reflective shots, but unfortunately with no wildlife to be seen.  The lakes, streams, waterfalls, and forests encountered during the adventure are both spectacular and centering, and I am blessed to be able to immerse myself in my beloved Rocky Mountains.  I was mostly pleased with the overall results, and have found that water with direct sunlight can be tricky to say the least.  I have placed the images in chronological order and I hope you enjoy your visit and look at the Mohawk Lake Trail system.  I always love to get any feedback you might have, and don’t forget to check out my posts on Instagram by following “the_mogul_skier”.  Thanks and Enjoy!
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2. BibleBonanza.com 
Bible Bonanza was created as a resource for NON-CHURCH GOING CHRISTIANS. If you believe in the one creator God, but know something is dreadfully wrong with the man-made doctrines the churches preach, check out our website. We are constantly up dating it as it is a work in progress. We are not associated with any established church but we do home studies on our own. We use mostly the King James Bible, a concordance and lexicon to get to the bottom of translation errors in the Bible. Check us out.
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3. 73bc 
Full details coming for this 1973 Cadillac Sedan Deville!
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Transformers The Last Knight Metal 2017
4. Transformers The Last Knight Metal 2017  (July 2017)
Here is my latest Haul on Transformers The Last Knight
Movie 2017. Die-Cast Metal by Jada Toys
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WWE Summer Slam 2017 Action Figures
5. WWE Summer Slam 2017 Action Figures  (July 2017)
Here is my latest Haul on WWE Action Figures 6" for
Summer Slam 2017.
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1984-89 WWF LJN Wrestling Bio Cards
6. 1984-89 WWF LJN Wrestling Bio Cards 
Released on the back packaging of the 1984-89 LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars action figures, these cards are difficult to find in excellent condition due to creasing and mis-cutting in removing them. Some are particularly tough as they appeared on the packing of very rare figures like Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior.
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1970's Boyd Pierce Wrestling photos
7. 1970's Boyd Pierce Wrestling photos 
Sold at live events in the Southwest Wrestling Territory in the 1970's, these 3.5x5.5 postcard-sized photos depict many of the biggest stars of the era.
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Fireball@Rosethorn B.B. Storm 06/21/16
8. Fireball@Rosethorn B.B. Storm 06/21/16 
Happy to welcome our newest stud dog to Rosethorn Terriers. Fireball@Rosethorn B.B. Storm like all our breeding dogs is double registered, PLL clear, and has a lovely temperament.  Impeccable bloodines AKC GRCH/CH dam and sire and UKC purple ribbon bred CH/GRCH sire and dam and correct bite and conformation. Storm is a  black and white bi-color small standard with excellent bone and muscle. Storm is an exceptional individual who has the great qualities  required in a new outside stud to combine with my Rosethorn bloodlines. Thank you Lois 'In It To Win It' Deitrich owner of Fireball Kennels in Colorado for breeding this lovely boy!!
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White Crown Vic
9. White Crown Vic 
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Church/House Items
10. Church/House Items 
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11. Triangles 
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Kids stuff
12. Kids stuff 
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13. Stan  (July 1, 2017)
Male pup
Renamed to Sonny

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Rosethorn Gabriel'Z Creed
14. Rosethorn Gabriel'Z Creed 
Gabriel born 4-30-2015 has been neutered and is available to an active pet home for $500. Here at Rosethorn has joined our exceptional family of stud dogs. He weighs in at 25 pounds and is 16 1/2 inches tall. Gabriel is double registered AKC and UKC purple ribbon. He is an absolute shining star with a lovely sweet temperament, willing and capable of any new task we ask of him. His first litter THE FIREWORKS with Rosethorn You Can Call Me Queen Bee were just fabulous. October 2016 Gabriel attended his first AKC show and was awarded BEST of BREED for his efforts. Gabriel is easy going and gets along well with everyone here at Rosethorn. Gabriel is available for stud services to PLL clear worthy individuals.  Call 209-743-1664 for more info.
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The Summer Bugs
15. The Summer Bugs 
Born 6/13/17 to CH Rosethorn Sidney and Jandees Shamus McGee we are proud to present THE SUMMER BUGS litter. Say hello to the two girls FIREFLY and JUNEBUG *both are held with deposit for Laura Turchetti of Newburg OR*. Still available are four very handsome boys JOHN, GEORGE, PAUL and RINGO. These puppies will be miniature or small standard at full growth.  
Call me at 209-743-1664 and Enjoy!!!
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